LivTech, a pioneer in health technology, advances physician tech market with Generative AI. New capabilities for healthcare practices include reducing billing errors and speeding up reimbursements – offering physicians more time for direct patient care.  Additionally, LivTech aims to extend their claims processing services into new market areas. Leveraging Amazon Bedrock for secure access to Generative AI as pivotal tools for automation and streamlining this growth phase.  To make this vision a reality, and to ensure a perfect fit with their current claims management system, they teamed up with Innovative Solutions.

LivTech’s Challenge

LivTech faced several challenges in their journey to optimize claims processing, including:

  • Scaling their claims processing team while maintaining steady COGS
  • Identifying, cleaning, and verifying internal documentation and processes for AI training
  • Determining how to leverage AI to validate claims information and lower error rates
  • Streamlining and automating repetitive manual tasks to improve staff productivity
  • Increasing customer satisfaction scores by expediting claims processing
The Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions stepped up to tackle LivTech’s challenges using Tailwinds, a state-of-the-art AI solution specifically designed for the healthcare industry.  Utilizing GenAI as a natural language rules engine, combined with a Weaviate AI-First Vector Database and Amazon Bedrock for a secure integration with Anthropic Claude-2, Tailwinds automates and enhances claims processing by learning from existing process documentation, requirements, and claims data, leading to a significant transformation in LivTech’s operations.  The solution integrates with LivTech’s current claims management platform, allowing agents to focus on higher-value tasks, accelerate decision-making, and enables LivTech to scale their business more efficiently into the future.

“Leveraging Tailwinds is a game-changer for us at LivTech. We’re thrilled to unlock new opportunities by integrating this innovative AI solution into our healthcare platform. With Tailwinds, we’ll use AI to support our growth, improve productivity, and deliver even more value to our clients.”

– Chris Ritchie, CTO, LivTech

Results and Benefits

LivTech’s partnership with Innovative Solutions is targeting long-term goals for revolutionizing their claims management process including:

  • Significant improvement in staff productivity through automation of repetitive tasks
  • Reduced error rates by using AI for claims validation
  • Elevated customer satisfaction scores due to faster and accurate claims processing
  • Efficient business scaling, reduced costs, and an incredible quality of care for their customers
  • New market opportunities for business growth

“Innovative Solutions is delighted to have played a crucial role in LivTech’s Generative AI journey. Our expertise in GenAI technologies facilitated the successful implementation of Tailwinds. We are excited to showcase the enormous potential of Generative AI in healthcare, both today and in the future.”

– Taylor Copie, Innovative Solutions

Why Do It Alone?

Generative AI in healthcare can be a challenging journey, but Innovative Solutions can make it a breeze. Innovative’s Tailwinds brings together industry AI experts to help identify, define, measure, execute actionable Generative AI objectives. Sign up today for a Tailwinds Assessment, over the course of two weeks our team will review the Generative AI landscape and use cases relevant to your industry, developing an effective data strategy, vision and implementation plan to achieve your desired AI goals.


Campspot, a company that specializes in real-time reservation booking for campsites, experienced exceptional growth during the COVID pandemic. With an increasing demand for their services across the United States, Campspot needed to scale their technology and products rapidly.

Campspot’s Challenge

To maintain their growth trajectory, Campspot required a fast and efficient migration to AWS. The main drivers for this migration were security and scalability, which would enable Campspot to introduce new services at a faster pace while providing additional stability to existing workloads through a consistent architecture.

The Partner Solution

Campspot partnered with Innovative Solutions to assess the workloads planned for migration to the AWS cloud, including modernizing existing workloads. Innovative Solutions deployed a Landing Zone & Operating Model, enabling the setup of AWS infrastructure, services, and security measures. Following that, they worked on deploying AWS services and Campspot applications, including moving EC2 microservices to ECS Containers and configuring autoscaling, load balancing, and other crucial components.

“Our team at Innovative was thrilled to work with Campspot on their migration to AWS. We were committed to providing them with a secure and scalable solution that would enable their business to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the results of our partnership and the positive impact it has had on their growth.”

– AJ Rivera, Innovative Solutions

Results and Benefits

The partnership with Innovative Solutions allowed Campspot to successfully migrate to AWS, providing them with a secure and scalable platform to grow their business. They can now introduce new services faster, ensuring the stability of existing workloads through a consistent architecture. Additionally, they have access to advanced monitoring, alerting, and health check features that help maintain high availability and performance.

Why Do It Alone?

Are you also facing challenges in scaling your business and meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving market? Partner with Innovative Solutions and leverage our expertise in AWS migrations ( and cloud solutions. Let us help you navigate the complex world of cloud services and provide you with a seamless and efficient transition to a more scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure.

Working with Innovative Solutions has allowed us to scale our technology efficiently and securely. Their expertise in AWS has been invaluable to our growth.”

– Cody H., CTO, CampSpot


Netsurion, a leading cybersecurity services provider, faced the challenge of migrating their on-premise infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). They sought a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with expertise in cloud migrations and partnered with Innovative Solutions to ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient transition to AWS.

Netsurion’s Challenge

The migration project involved several challenges, including:

  • Moving a complex on-premise infrastructure to AWS with minimal downtime and business disruption
  • Ensuring security and compliance during the migration process
  • Managing resource constraints and third-party dependencies
The Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions addressed these challenges through their well-defined migration process, which consisted of two main phases – Mobilize and Migrate:

  • In the Mobilize phase, they analyzed Netsurion’s on-premise infrastructure, documented migration options, and developed a detailed migration plan. They also implemented a secure landing zone and operating model in AWS.
  • During the Migrate phase, Innovative Solutions executed the migration plan in a series of waves, managing the transfer, review, and cutover milestones for each wave.

After the migration, they optimized the AWS environment by setting up monitoring, alerting, and backup solutions and provided Netsurion with the necessary documentation for ongoing operations.

Results and Benefits

The partnership between Netsurion and Innovative Solutions resulted in:

  • A seamless migration of >100 servers to AWS with minimal downtime and business disruption
  • Enhanced security and compliance in the AWS environment
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure that adapts to Netsurion’s future needs
  • Cost-efficient resource utilization and ongoing cost management
Why Do It Alone?

Partnering with a qualified MSP like Innovative Solutions can help ensure a successful cloud migration (, resulting in satisfied customers like Netsurion. Discover how Innovative Solutions can help you build, manage, and your cloud infrastructure with their Managed Cloud Services (


“Our team at Innovative Solutions is extremely proud of our successful partnership with Netsurion in achieving a seamless, secure, and efficient cloud migration to AWS. We carefully navigated the complexities of their on-premise infrastructure and addressed security and compliance concerns, ensuring minimal downtime and business disruption. The resulting scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient AWS environment has empowered Netsurion with the ability to adapt to their future needs.”

– Mike Salas, Innovative Solutions

One River Asset Management

One River Asset Management, a prominent alternative asset investment firm, was on a mission to transform their business into a fully digital platform. Once the transformation is complete, One River’s investment team will be able to more easily manage multiple customers and scale their business.

The key driver of this engagement was One River’s need to create a new multi-tenant management portal with comprehensive tenant/user management, reporting, and investment health capabilities. To achieve their goal, they partnered with Innovative Solutions, a highly qualified Managed Service Provider, to implement the digital transformation.

One River’s Challenge

One River faced several challenges in their digital transformation journey, including:

  • Creating a new multi-tenant management portal with robust features and functionalities.
  • Ensuring data sensitivity, security, and compliance throughout the process that met multiple regulatory requirements.
  • Implementing a seamless integration with Salesforce and AWS services.
The Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions stepped in to address One River’s challenges by leveraging their expertise in AWS technologies and services. Together, Innovative and One River built a comprehensive solution focusing on security infrastructure, networking infrastructure, email setup through SES, DNS setup through Route 53, application framework deployment with Infrastructure as Code, database management, and deployment automation. Innovative Solutions also ensured seamless integration with Salesforce and AWS QuickSight for enhanced reporting capabilities.

Results and Benefits

The partnership between One River and Innovative Solutions was so successful it resulted in One River being acquired by Coinbase. Innovative delivered the following outcomes:

  • A fully functional multi-tenant management portal with advanced tenant/user management, reporting, and investment health features.
  • Enhanced security, compliance, and data sensitivity measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce and multiple AWS services, improving overall efficiency and user experience.
  • A scalable and adaptable infrastructure that can easily evolve to accommodate One River’s future needs.
Why Do It Alone?

Embarking on a digital transformation journey can be a daunting task, but with Innovative Solutions as your partner, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the complexities of technology. Our expertise in AWS technologies and services, combined with our commitment to delivering tailored solutions, make us the ideal partner for organizations seeking to modernize their infrastructure and optimize their operations.

Don’t face the challenges of digital transformation alone. Let Innovative Solutions help you navigate the complexities, ensuring a smooth and successful transition into the digital realm. Get in touch with us today and discover how we can empower your business to thrive in the digital age.

“Innovative Solutions is proud to have played a pivotal role in One River’s digital transformation journey. Our expertise in AWS technologies and services enabled the development of a secure, scalable, and feature-rich crypto investment management portal. This successful implementation contributed to One River’s acquisition by Coinbase; we’re honored to have been part of this milestone achievement and look forward to supporting their continued growth and success.”

– AJ Rivera, Innovative Solutions


Aerify, a Managed Service Provider for Small and Medium-sized Businesses, aimed to double its growth within the next 1-1.5 years while ensuring scalability, efficiency, and profitability. To achieve these goals, Aerify partnered with Innovative Solutions, an expert in aligning technology with business objectives, to help modernize their EUC solution and migrate their customers to the cloud.

Aerify’s Challenge

Aerify faced several challenges in managing their multi-account structure and client base, including:

  • Implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) standards
  • Streamlining their backup processes
  • Enhancing Amazon WorkSpaces capabilities for their clients
  • Building a repeatable, scalable process for onboarding new clients
The Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions devised a comprehensive solution by focusing on AWS Organization, Control Tower, Single Sign-On, Service Catalog MVP, Centralized Backup Management, Cost Improvements, and Custom CloudWatch Reporting or Monitoring:

  • AWS Organization + Control Tower + Single Sign-On: Innovative Solutions designed and implemented an AWS Organization Architecture in alignment with AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, AWS Well-Architected Framework, and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model.
  • Develop and Deliver Service Catalog MVP: Innovative Solutions used Infrastructure as Code to create a Service Catalog Product for repeatable customer environment deployments.
  • Centralized Backup Management Solution: A company-wide AWS Organization Backup Policy was created and applied to the Customer Organizational unit, streamlining the backup process for Aerify’s clients.
  • Cost Improvements: Innovative Solutions configured AWS Budgets and investigated the risk tolerance threshold for Reserved Instance commitments.
  • Custom CloudWatch Reporting or Monitoring: The team identified baseline metrics important to the customer’s KPI’s and created repeatable custom Metrics and Alarms using Infrastructure as Code.
  • Financial Flexibility: Partnered with the AWS Loan Program to provide a cost effective and efficient payment model that met Aerify’s financial requirements.
Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Aerify and Innovative Solutions yielded impressive results:

  • Streamlined onboarding process for new clients, improving efficiency and scalability
  • Enhanced backup management, reducing downtime and risks
  • Improved AWS Workspace capabilities, addressing video and application management concerns
  • Optimized costs with AWS Budgets and Reserved Instance management
  • Increased profitability and client satisfaction through efficient, high-quality cloud services
Why Do It Alone?

Innovative Solutions successfully addressed Aerify’s challenges and delivered a tailored solution that met their business objectives. By leveraging Innovative Solutions’ expertise, Aerify was able to accelerate growth, improve client satisfaction, and increase profitability, solidifying their position as a leading Managed Service Provider for SMBs. Discover how Innovative Solutions can help you build, manage, and optimize your cloud infrastructure with their Managed Cloud Services (

“We are proud to have partnered with Aerify in their remarkable journey of scaling their business. Through AWS’s tremendous technology, Aerify has not only expanded its core operations, but also established a new organization focused on cutting-edge VDI solutions. With the new venture,, they now offer a white label VDI solution utilizing AWS Workspaces, all made possible by the seamless integration and automation provided by our team at Innovative Solutions.”

– Taylor Copie, Innovative Solutions

Cedar Electronics

Cedar Electronics Corporation is a global supplier of connected automotive and consumer electronics solutions, and home of industry-leading brands, Cobra Electronics and ESCORT. Cedar’s ever-expanding family of products includes connected radar/laser detectors, smart dash cams, CB and marine radios, portable power solutions, and driver alert applications. Located in Chicago, Illinois, their flagship products are their intelligent, sensor-based devices and network platform to capture and share real-time alerts fueled by a rapidly growing driver community.

Customer Challenge

Cedar was looking to move from two of their data centers into AWS in a six-week time frame. The motivation for the move was to limit costly fees for the data center usage and consolidate resources to be more easily managed. The requirements included maintaining private connectivity to two other offices and a third-party vendor via VPN tunnels. The final network IP schemes needed to match their current on-premises network exactly as changing the IPs for the underlying applications was not an option.  A single, consolidated entry point into AWS was desired for all remote sites so the management of traffic could be centralized.

Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions migrated to their AWS environment using CloudEndure with a third VPC as a landing zone. The cut over of each data center required a two-week separation, so planning had to incorporate this to allow consistent traffic during the entire process. Innovative Solutions deployed a Transit Gateway to route Traffic across both VPCs in AWS as well as to the third-party vendor VPC, in another AWS region, and the two on-premises office locations, through VPN Tunnels. Both office locations can continue working with the servers in both VPC’s as well as the third-party vendor’s VPC. Routing on-premises terminates the VPN through two different firewall vendors, Sophos and Cisco Meraki, which both functions seamlessly with AWS Site-to-Site VPN.

Results And Benefits

Cedar Electronics was able to retire unsupported equipment in both data centers and consolidate/standardize into a single AWS Region. All remote sites were able to continue working with their applications with minimal interruption and without changing application-level code or connections.

Innovative Solutions AWS Networking Competency

Learn more about Innovative Solutions

Innovative believes that every company will become a technology company, and we’re here to help. With an army of cloud experts and the Innovative Cloud Runbook utilizing leading cloud technologies, Innovative gives businesses of every size the confidence to grow in the cloud with Well Architected reviews, cloud migrations, managed cloud services, application modernization, cloud-native software development, cloud cost optimization, cloud security monitoring, and virtual CIO and CISO consulting.

TotalTrax, Inc

TotalTrax, Inc. is a leading provider of real-time vehicle, driver, and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Combining patented hardware, software, reporting, along with business intelligence tools, TotalTrax transforms traditional fork trucks into “Smart Trucks” that track vehicle usage, maintenance, load, and location by leveraging the IoT. Eager to scale their business, TotalTrax couldn’t get the support they needed from their current AWS partner. TotalTrax’s Account Manager at AWS recommended a Well-Architected Review (WAR) from another AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Innovative Solutions, that he was confident was a good fit.

A Well-Architected Review is an architectural assessment based upon the AWS Well-Architected Framework to assist in creating a more secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure.

“Innovative Solutions is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and I would highly recommend them to my customers and colleagues.” – Ryan Quigley, Account Manager at AWS

Once the WAR had been conducted, it became readily apparent that there were serious deficiencies in how their infrastructure was set up. For one thing, security was discovered to be seriously lacking. The Innovative team recommended a complete outline and plan to avoid major security breaches. That plan included automatic updates with Systems Manager, leveraging IAM Access Manager, and implementing a variety of the AWS Managed security offerings that would handle authorization, authentication, protected stores, visibility, and enforcement of TotalTrax AWS environment. Security was not the only area that was examined. Innovative took a good hard look at how best to optimize their cloud costs, suggesting utilizing a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that would provide more than 550 best practice checks, cash flow protection, and compliance framework checks.

“Going through the project we identified some very large gaps in cost optimization, security, and just overall architecture of the environment.” – Jonathan Prutzman, Account Executive at Innovative Solutions

The Partner Solution

Once the management team at TotalTrax were presented with the WAR findings and recommendations, they came to the conclusion that they just were not satisfied with their current partner. Having Innovative Solutions handle the complete remediation seemed like a logical next step.

As the work Innovative was doing quickly progressed, the differences in style and responsiveness between the former partner and Innovative became obvious to the TotalTrax team. First off, Innovative was quick to answer questions or render support, totally the opposite of their former partner. Often enough they would be agonizingly slow to respond to support requests and questions, making the TotalTrax team feel that they were trapped in a long-term contract with a partner that didn’t care. Aside from that, they insisted on controlling much of the environment that they had built, limiting what TotalTrax could do within their own AWS environment. Finally, it became too frictional for the relationship to continue.

“With our previous provider, every three months or so we would have a totally different team that would support us. We didn’t know them, and they certainly didn’t know us.” – Thelma Marshall, VP of Operations at TotalTrax

It didn’t take long for TotalTrax’s leadership to conclude that Innovative Solutions was a good fit. Innovative offered a wide range of services under their Managed Cloud Services (MCS) offering that would enable TotalTrax to go in the direction they wanted as a business. They were responsive to their immediate needs and, with a deep bench of AWS experts, could help them achieve future business goals. Regardless of the initial cost of waiting out the long-term contract they were locked into, TotalTrax decided to give Innovative the go-ahead to create a totally new AWS environment. Innovative moved to put a dedicated team in place connecting all the players at TotalTrax on Slack, so communication became very clear and easy for everyone involved.

“TotalTrax has clear open channels of communications with all of us at Innovative. An example of this is, TotalTrax was running into Amazon EKS issues, and we were able to pull in 3 or 4 resources on the fly, and got it resolved that same day. They didn’t have to fill out a support ticket and wait for us to respond, they were able to reach out directly to me and we took over from there. Being this open makes us feel like part of their team, and not just a vendor.” – Eli Hills, Account Manager at Innovative Solutions

Hitting virtually every deadline they committed to, Innovative Solutions was then tasked with migrating all their remaining on-premises workloads to their new AWS environment, including their ERP system.

The Results and Benefits

TotalTrax now has a modern AWS environment that addresses security and utilizes a cloud management platform to manage costs efficiently. Savings are projected to be an eyebrow raising 75% of previous costs. Through Innovative’s MCS, TotalTrax has scalability, performance and reliability and a dedicated support team of AWS experts.

The benefits to TotalTrax of working with Innovative Solutions:

  • Gaining total control over their AWS environment
  • Achieving a much higher level of support, with no long-term contracts
  • A dedicated team that truly cares about their business
  • Continuous training and consulting to maintain best practices
  • Proactive cost optimization tactics, including purchasing reserve instances (pre-buying AWS services in bulk representing a 30% savings)
Why Do It Alone

If you’re thinking about building your company’s future in the AWS cloud, let us help you build, manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure. Contact us today to begin a Well-Architected Review ( or to talk about our Managed Cloud Services ( We use a combination of the right people and automation to proactively manage your cloud environment, so you don’t have to.


People who are actively seeking to date or find a relationship have come to rely on technology – online dating sites – to try to find someone. If you are looking for a meaningful interaction, “swiping” falls short. For instance, it takes about 1,000 image swipes on a dating site to get one date. That one date will last only 1.8 hours and often leads only to disappointment. It’s a highly inefficient, superficial, and impersonal way to find a true long-term connection.

According to Psychology Today, 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 3 men have admitted to “catfishing,” the process of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona. That puts people at risk and, as Adam Cohen-Aslatei Founder & CEO of S’More sees it as a big business opportunity. S’More is the world’s first anti-superficial dating app that is focused on creating a safe and inclusive way to build meaningful relationships using the latest technology.

The Problem of Scaling

Adam is no newcomer to the online dating industry, having developed his first dating app in 2008 while at Harvard grad school. He wanted S’More to be 100% “Catfish Proof”, creating a safe and real place for people to meet and interact. S’More first developed the dating app in-house with a limited image recognition feature using a third-party solution. In less than 18 months out of Beta, S’More grew to more than 250,000 users. As S’More started to add users and the business began to grow, it got very expensive, very quickly with services that were always “on.” S’More wanted an option that would allow the app to use a different more scalable service in real time. Amazon Web Services (AWS) fit the bill with its on-demand model. During the onboarding process at AWS, S’More’s AWS account manager recommended working with Innovative Solutions, one of their AWS Premier Consulting Partners.

“AWS has some really amazing technologies that start-ups like S’More can easily take advantage of to quickly and cost efficiently scale their businesses. In addition to Rekognition, S’More uses Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which allows the company to scale its computing resources along with the growth of its community.” – Adam Cohen-Aslatei, Founder & CEO at S’More

Solution – Safety First?

Moving S’More to AWS was key to scaling the business, deploying AWS Lambda allowed the app to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Furthermore, combining the facial recognition technology of Rekognition with Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Machine Learning has achieved real authentication, better than any other dating app on the market. To further shield the user from bad actors, Innovative Solutions included category detection which is so sophisticated that it can detect and screen for hate crime or explicit content in the frame of an image. Furthermore, the technology being deployed by Innovative serves as an automatic moderator and can defend against overly suggestive clothing and explicit nudity. It is the kind of technology that will change the industry.

“Before AWS, it was challenging for S’More to re-verify users with a 3D selfie if they changed their profile photo – the technology they had made the process rather clunky, confusing, and cost-inefficient.” – Justin Copie, Owner & CEO at Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions developed a custom API functionality and combined a handful of services, based on a reference implementation provided by AWS. As part of the app’s onboarding process, the user uploads multiple photos, then facial recognition is performed to verify that the people in the photos match each other, confirming the identity of the one unique individual. AWS maintains a library of celebrity images and uses that library to reference against celebrity photos being uploaded to a profile. It also goes through a checklist of blacklisted faces which have been commonly used to catfish in the past. These are faces they see used repeatedly. Innovative has developed a way to verify against that ever-expanding library of faces during the onboarding process.

How it works

During the user onboarding process, S’More sought to leverage a form of biometric detection known as “Liveness.” Innovative Solutions was able to incorporate Amazon Rekognition into the solution. Liveness detection is not a built-in capability of Amazon Rekognition but the engineers at Innovative used the capability of Amazon Rekognition to implement liveness detection, both on the client side in the native IOS app, as well as validating it and doing some additional checks on the server side.

As S’More users are being onboarded, they are guided by the IOS app with prompts that rely on Innovative Solutions’ application of Amazon Rekognition. The first screen asks you to move your face into a blue bounding box rectangle. As soon as the IOS facial detection capabilities recognizes that your face is in that rectangle, it changes color to indicate success. A new prompt displaying a yellow box within the now rectangle asks you to move your nose there. From the beginning of this part of the onboarding process, there are screen captures being taken of the individual which are being sent to the backend. Once the nose is in the yellow box and has been confirmed, the previous screen captures are compared and validated for liveness.

“Rekognition is used to identify where the facial features are in calculating the Yaw, Pitch and Roll of the individual’s head, then validating that the nose facial feature has been moved to where the yellow box has been drawn.”– Mike Krauklis, Senior Cloud Architect at Innovative Solutions

If the algorithm validates liveness, then additional validation is applied, using a high-quality selfie frame taken during the first liveness test and compared to the other images the individual uploaded to their profile. Further verifications are conducted by referencing the AWS blacklist file and AWS machine learning. All those calculations are performed to verify that it really is a legitimate “live” S’More kind of person. Even though AWS has had this technology available, this is the first instance of it being applied in this unique way.

Leveraging AWS technology, the partnership of S’More and Innovative Solutions has broken new ground in online dating security. It is the hope of Adam that every other dating app takes note and follows suit in keeping their users safe. Providing S’More users, a safe and inclusive way to create meaningful and genuine relationships is a great way to use technology for good.

“I would recommend Innovative Solutions to anyone. They offer a lot of great talent, a lot of great solutions, and they are great to work with. This was our first project with them, and we are hopeful that we will have future projects with them.” – Adam Cohen-Aslatei, Founder & CEO at S’More

Check out our video on S’More

Hype Equity

Hype Equity is a start-up technology company based in Rochester, NY that is making waves in the FinTech industry. By crowdsourcing trends on social media and leveraging machine learning to process the mountain of data coming in, Hype Equity can provide important actionable information to investors in real time. Deciding from the beginning that they needed to go completely serverless with AWS. They also recognized that speed to market was essential and that to get there they needed help.

They decided to focus on their core competencies of product innovation, and enlist the help of a managed service provider (MSP) to manage the operation and structure of their AWS environment. At the top of their list was Innovative Solutions.

“Working with Innovative I have a high confidence level. They have a process, structure and for them to execute and deliver services that I don’t have to manage, it frees me up to focus on improving our product. I think of Innovative Solutions more as an extension of our team than a vendor.”     – Travis Rehl, Founder, Hype Equity

Hype Equity’s Challenge

As a casual investor, Travis Rehl, one of the founders of Hype Equity, came up with an idea for an application. What if you could gather all the comments being made online, and break it all down into actionable intelligence about publicly traded equities? Crowdsourcing social media commentary of stocks on what is hot and what is not, could be valuable, and could be a business. He was right. Hype Equity enables its customers to “over hear” the rumors, whispers and social trends related to publicly traded companies. These trends can help identify potential stock price movements before they happen and before anyone else. Leveraging Machine Learning, Travis and his two other partners developed a working proto-type that measures social media in real time. Together they spun up an application with a Python code base. The entire backend of the application is built on AWS Lambda, the database is in Amazon DynamoDB, the app is hosted on AWS S3, and the frontend was built on React.

As more and more people heard about the service, subscriber numbers grew. Soon the volume of business overwhelmed the platform and a down time event took them offline for almost two full days. That’s when they realized they needed to change things.

“If you’re going to use AWS, at some point, you’re going to need help. There’s just too many options to go at it alone. For a startup, the biggest roadblock is scaling, there’s too much to do alone.”     – Chris Mott, Cloud Services Account Manager at Innovative

AWS offers a myriad of cloud based tools for businesses of any size. However, it can be daunting trying to master them without the proper skill set or the time to invest in their mastery. Hype Equity was concerned that their momentum forward would lose steam if they had to redirect their focus to operation maintenance and structure of their platform.

The Partner Solution

Hype Equity then looked for a partner who could leverage the AWS ecosystem. That is when they had a conversation with Innovative Solutions. Nationally recognized as a top AWS Premier Consulting Partner for SMBs and Startups, Innovative had the skills to keep Hype Equity’s momentum going, by taking on the operational part of the business.

Innovative Solutions has been able to lower operational costs, minimize downtime and helped Hype Equity operate more efficiently and securely. By leveraging Innovative’s Managed Cloud Services (MCS), Hype Equity has been able to utilize the right tools to fit their needs. Integrated into MCS are tools like CloudCheckr, which has helped Hype Equity lower AWS costs, or New Relic which manages and remediates projected service interruptions and degradations. Scheduled back ups and other Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) related tasks are handled by Skeddly, and S3 security by Cloud Storage Security. The certified experts at Innovative Solutions have been able to free the team at Hype Equity from managing the day to day of operations, security and infrastructure maintenance and let them get on with building their business.

Results and Benefits

Since partnering with Innovative Solutions, Hype Equity has been able to scale at an incredible rate. Bringing on new clients everyday, from retail investors and AlgoTraders to Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Financial Providers, exceeding all their expectations on speed and scale. Hype Equity has been able to grow quickly, become operationally efficient, highly resilient, while at the same time optimizing costs. Travis says that Innovative Solutions has increased the company’s momentum by 20% by being released from the operational & structural management of their application to focus on innovating their product. On the horizon for Hype Equity, listening on Crypto Currency.

“After a conversation with our leadership team, it was obvious that Innovative Solutions was the direction we needed to go. They have a process, structure, and they execute and deliver services (that I don’t have to manage), freeing me up to focus on improving our product. I think of Innovative more as an extension of our team than a vendor. It’s been a match made in heaven.”     – Travis Rehl, Founder, Hype Equity

Why Do It Alone?

With Innovative Solutions Managed Cloud Services, you don’t have to be the expert in the AWS universe. There are so many tools, each of them requires a level of expertise that few have the time to master. Time a start-up or small business can’t afford to take, and with one misstep, game over. Speed to market and speed to scale are what prevail in today’s tech world. Let Innovative Solutions be that expert with its Managed Cloud Services to maximize AWS to your company’s fullest potential.

Learn more on how Innovative Solutions can help you build, manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure with Innovative Managed Cloud Services.

Check out our video on Hype Equity

Humanex Ventures

Humanex Ventures is a human resource consulting company based in Lincoln, Nebraska that helps businesses architect excellence in talent, culture, and teams. Having a specialized focus in education, athletics, and business & community, Humanex marries technology and research to help organizations across the country master their people needs.

The Challenge

Humanex served their partners through a Java-based software platform. They had two main drivers to move to the cloud:

>  Their entire technology stack was approaching support end of life
>  They did not have the source code of their current software solution

With end of support upon them, Humanex was operating on a system that lacked redundancy, scalability, and reliability. Also, with no source code, further support and enhancements were costly and time-consuming, taking their technical staff away from impactful work for their customers. With the future in mind, Humanex knew it was time to move to the cloud: specifically, AWS.

The Solution

Our engagement started with a two-day discovery session at Humanex’s headquarters in Nebraska. During this session we performed a deep dive to understand their current application’s capabilities, documented their systems, and educated their staff on what their feature set could look like in AWS. Virtual sessions continued post-workshop to prioritize the features and design of their new application. Finally, we met once more at our home office in Rochester, NY to solidify the solution.

After months of development, our teams were able to create an entirely new cloud-native platform living in AWS. Humanex’s code deployment was built with a modern DevOps framework using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CloudFormation, and the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). Their single-page application is now served up through Amazon CloudFront and hosted in S3 for performance and efficiency. Calls into their API are served up by Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, and backend asynchronous processes utilize Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), all for greater efficiency. Their database leverages Amazon Aurora Serverless, and the entire application possesses easy monitoring and visibility through Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray performance metrics. Lastly, each environment is contained within its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for heightened security.

The Results

Through our partnership, Humanex now has a completely rejuvenated, agile application powered by AWS. Their solution exemplifies the pillars of AWS’ Well-Architected Framework: secure, high performing, operationally efficient, resilient, and cost optimized. They have a highly scalable, cost effective solution that they can continue to build upon with significantly lower operational overhead. This lowered overhead reduces time to market, helping Humanex to stay ahead of their competition. With serverless computing as the backbone to their application, infrastructure management is simplified and streamlined so Humanex’s technical team can focus on implementing features that serve their customers.

Check out our video on Humanex Ventures


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