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The only thing we love more than building high-performing IT organizations, is driving them. Want to stay at the leading edge?

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services with Innovative is completely unique. We tailor your services to exactly what your business requires to meet your goals. If something unexpected comes up, your service can flex up or down to meet the new requirements.

You have three MTS packages to choose from

Managed Technology Services (MTS)

Which MTS tier will work best for your organization?

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A self-service ongoing managed IT services engagement that provides the basics around management of core IT systems, with more of a reactive Helpdesk that is a customer’s internal IT/office admin’s backup for end users’ support needs.


A full-service ongoing managed IT services engagement with more end-user helpdesk support built-in, along with additional value-add services and more proactive delivery approach.


An all-inclusive ongoing managed IT services engagement with unlimited helpdesk support, tons of value add, extremely high-touch and much more strategic focus.

We’ve helped companies like yours

People, Inc.

Willow Domestic Violence Center


How We Can Help

Help Desk and Technical Support

Our team will work on-site or remotely during regular time to make sure your systems and/or users are taken care of. Think of us as your on-site IT department, or an extension of your existing IT team.

Preventative Maintenance

All of the stuff we do behind the scenes to keep your systems running and your users happy. Preventative Maintenance is the lifeblood of any sound IT operation. Preventing issues from happening not only will save you money, but you also avoid costly disruptions and downtime.


Our highest level of advisory services to help you answer your toughest questions when it comes to aligning the right technology solutions to address your business problems and opportunities. All of our time to guide and steer your IT strategy is bundled within this service.

Information Security

Our efforts to lock your environment down from the real threats that exist in compromising your business. Whether it’s monitoring your systems, scanning your network, developing policies, or educating your end-users, we can include these services with your Managed Services.

IT Services (Projects)

Any project costs that you’d like to amortize through the end of a calendar year, have the option of being bundled into your Managed Services. This can help with cash flow, budgeting, and realizing an ROI while paying over time.

Hardware, Software, and Cloud-Based Services

Hardware, software, and cloud-based subscriptions (ie. hosting) that your business would like to include can also be included in your Managed Services.

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