Kubernetes Snapshot

The Kubernetes Snapshot provides customers with a detailed understanding if they’ve configured their Kubernetes environment to meet best practices for compliance, security, and performance.

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What is a Kubernetes Snapshot?

Kubernetes Snapshot is a great way to instantly understand the health of every application in your Kubernetes platform and  identify ways to improve the environment in the areas of Cost, Optimization, Security, and Compliance. Kubernetes Snapshot is powered by RealTheory.io.

Our team will deliver a curated report that highlights critical areas of focus and provide your team with insights for remediation. The goal is to ensure a healthy environment, resolve deficiencies before they become issues, and educate your team on continuous Kubernetes hygiene.

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Your Kubernetes Snapshot report will include…

  • Detailed Analysis of Performance
  • Governance and Best Practice Checks
  • Critical Kubernetes Checks
  • Review with an Innovative Kubernetes Specialist
Kubernetes Snapshot

Here is how it works

Step 1: Complete Online Form

Complete your purchase using the Kubernetes Snapshot Order Form

Step 2: Intro Call + Setup

During this call, we will confirm the scope of service and permissions needed to access your Kubernetes cluster

Step 3: Review + Analysis

We will then analyze your Kuberenetes cluster and prepare a curated report of all our findings

Step 4: Findings + Next Steps

During this call, your snapshot team will review your personalized Kubernetes Snapshot and discuss next steps

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