INE Customer Success Story with Innovative Solutions


INE’s GenAI Journey to Enhanced Content Discovery and Personalization

INE (Internetwork Expert) is a leading provider of technical training for the IT industry, dedicated to equipping professionals with the necessary skills through affordable, high-quality training. This case study explores how INE will leverage Innovative Solutions’ Tailwinds Generative AI accelerator to enhance their training content and improve user experience.

Business Objectives

INE aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Build a comprehensive list of technical skills extracted from their training content.
  • Improve content discoverability and recommendations for users.
  • Uncover relationships between different pieces of training content for new insights.
  • Utilize these insights to develop and offer new, relevant content to customers.

The motivation behind these objectives was to provide a more personalized learning experience and to stay ahead in the competitive technical training market by continuously innovating their content offerings.

The Challenge

INE faced the challenge of processing vast amounts of technical training content to extract relevant skills and knowledge. This task was time-consuming and required a high level of accuracy to ensure the right skills were associated with the appropriate content. The company needed a way to automate this process efficiently to enhance its content recommendation system and to identify gaps in its training material.

The Novel Solution

In partnership with Innovative Solutions, INE implemented the Tailwinds Generative AI accelerator to process their training content. The key features of this solution included:

  • Advanced natural language processing to accurately identify and extract technical skills from training transcripts.
  • Machine learning algorithms to discover relationships between different training modules.

This solution addressed INE’s challenges by automating the skill extraction process, enabling targeted content recommendations, and providing valuable insights for content development.

INE Customer Success Story with Innovative Solutions

INE’s Goals

INE plans to enable customers to analyze and select relevant training material 50% faster, with more targeted recommendations leading to more efficient learning. The result will be improved job preparedness and skill augmentation, reducing the time IT managers spend on building training paths by up to 25%, increasing internal efficiency for INE’s customers.

Transforming Customer Experience

The Tailwinds Generative AI accelerator will transform the INE customer experience by:

  • Automating the identification, labeling, and data association of INE training content using Amazon Bedrock.
  • Enhancing the discoverability of relevant training materials by aligning content to topical labels.
  • Setting a new industry standard for technical training platforms by making next-step training discoverability a first-class citizen.
Key Results

By implementing the Tailwinds Generative AI accelerator, INE will achieve:

  • A more efficient content recommendation system.
  • Reduced time for users to find relevant training content.
  • Insights that lead to the development of new training modules.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Greater cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for INE and its

These results will contribute to INE’s growth and solidify its position as a leader in technical training.

What INE Is Saying

“Leveraging Tailwinds and Amazon Bedrock has enabled INE to complete a project we always wanted to do but did not have the time or manpower to achieve. Our new AI recommendations will drastically cut down the time for customers to search and find the right courses.  This novel technology will allow us to have even greater cross-sell conversions into new courses and increased customer satisfaction.”

– Lindsey Rinehart, COO, INE

Why you should collaborate with a partner

The partnership between INE and Innovative Solutions has led to a significant enhancement of INE’s training platform that will benefit both the company and its customers. This case study demonstrates the potential for other businesses to benefit from similar AI-driven solutions.


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