Tekmir GenAI Success Story


Tekmir is the future of legal technology. Our AI-powered platform is purpose-built to simplify and optimize case management for law firms. Experience a new standard of precision, efficiency, and transparency that will propel your firm into a new era of legal service.

Tekmir’s Challenge

Tekmir, an emerging leader in legal tech, faced a critical challenge in redefining the process of case management validation. Traditional methods were slow, costly, and inefficient. Tekmir’s vision was to revolutionize this process, making it faster, scalable, and more cost-effective, enabling law firms to double or triple their case load without added cost.

In order to service large scale cases, law firms are required to sift through thousands of medical and legal documentation with an army of paralegals, assistants and analysts. Historically, cocuments and claims are manually reviewed and processed, consuming hundreds or thousands of man-hours to appropriately service a case. Tekmir aims to upend this process with their AI-Enabled Case Management platform.

The Partner Solution

To turn this vision into reality, Tekmir joined forces with Innovative Solutions, leveraging their flagship product, Tailwinds. This state-of-the-art AI solution, powered by Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic Claude, promised a seamless integration into Tekmir’s lawsuit management platform. Tekmir’s AI will specialize in automated validation of class action lawsuits, enhancing decision-making, and empowering legal professionals to focus on higher-value tasks.

Business Drivers
  • Accelerate Case Processing: Tekmir looks to cut case management time by 60%, reducing typical two-hour tasks to just 30 minutes, streamlining logistics, and allowing attorneys to focus on core legal work.
  • Cost Reduction: Tekmir aims to reduce prosecution costs by 50%, potentially saving up to $3 million every 10,000 cases. For large firms, this means millions in annual savings.
  • Operational Efficiency: Tekmir plans to assist organizations in automating inbound application logistics and operations, reducing the average time spent on these tasks from two hours to about half an hour per case.
Results And Benefits
  • Enhanced Productivity: Tekmir customers will observe a remarkable improvement in staff productivity, attributed to the automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Cost Efficiency: The AI-driven approach will lead to a significant reduction in case prosecution costs, fostering financial efficiency.
  • Rapid Deployment: By leveraging Tailwinds, Tekmir can rapidly build and deploy their AI solution, meeting initial customer demands ahead of schedule.
Why Do It Alone?

Innovative Solutions’ Tailwinds product stands out for its ability to simplify the complex journey of integrating Generative AI into legal tech. The team at Innovative, consisting of AI architects, data engineers, and developers, has a proven track record in assisting startups in scaling their vision and resolving customer challenges efficiently.



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