Managed Security Services

Innovative’s Managed Security Services is a tailored security monitoring and response solution affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.

What are Managed Security Services by Innovative?

The human-led, technology-assisted Managed Security Services (MSS) by Innovative is staffed with Cybersecurity experts who work hand-in-hand with industry-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MSS was created to help small to medium-sized businesses confidently take advantage of a turnkey security solution that minimizes the complexity and burden of building up and managing their own security stack, so they can sleep sound at night knowing their data and their customers’ data are well protected by a sound security posture.

What are some of the issues the our Managed Security Services can address:

  • Ransomware and IP Breaches – Protect your and your customer’s IP
  • Lack of Resources – 24/7 staff, always awake, so you can sleep
  • Deploy, Manage and Optimize – Integrated directly into your Managed Cloud Services to remediate and resolve issues
  • Cost-Efficient – Priced for small / medium businesses, built directly into your AWS ecosystem
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Turnkey Security Solutions for SMBs

How it works



  • We will provide an installation agent that will need to be deployed on all resources to be under management.
  • Will need access to different log sources such as CloudTrail / FlowLogs and or more.
  • Logs are shipped to our SIEM for analysis. All data is stored within the customer cloud environment.



  • We will be responsible for tuning and managing all underlying tools and threat algorithms.
  • Initial configuration tuning may take days or weeks depending on scope of the environment and business cases.



  • Innovative TAM team will create an escalation policy to ensure specific security issues are made available to customers.
  • SOC team will notify your MCS NOC group of high impact issues 24/7 and will work directly with the customer and Innovative MCS Engineers to resolve or remediate security issues.

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

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