Data Lake OnRamp

Create a best-practice data lake with all the tools you need and quickly integrate it into your business data and business processes

What is a Data Lake OnRamp by Innovative?

Data insights are crucial for gaining a competitive advantage, but challenging to efficiently aggregate and organize disparate data into a useable format. Innovative Solutions’ Data Lake OnRamp service offers a streamlined solution to this problem, providing a swift path to developing a centralized AWS data lake.

With your data consolidated, our AWS-certified experts assist in transforming it into actionable business insights. We start with a detailed assessment of your specific needs and use cases, followed by designing a cloud-native solution tailored to your requirements. Embark on your data journey with Data Lake OnRamp, establish an operational data foundation, and unlock limitless potential for immediate insights and future innovation.

What are some of the key benefits of a Data Lake OnRamp:

  • Modernization: Quickly modernize your data architecture
  • Simple Integrations: Out of the box integration point for software and workflows
  • Flexible + Versatile: Extensible so it can bend to your needs
AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

How you can easily integrate

Innovative will deploy a reference architecture and train your team on how to integrate it into your systems

How it works

A Data Lake OnRamp by Innovative quickly integrates into your business with a modern tool set


Complete Statement of Work


Integration roadmap planning session


Installation of a preconfigured Data Lake


Technical training and documentation

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

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