EKS OnRamp

The EKS OnRamp is a seamless engagement for a customer looking to use Kubernetes.

What is an EKS OnRamp?

The EKS OnRamp is a structured engagement based on the deployment of dozens of customers running on EKS. Innovative has created the automation and best practices through our experience so that we can accelerate customer’s adoption of Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes service.

Innovative will connect to a Containers Repository and show you how to deploy a sample application. Innovative will also provide an AWS Immersion Day on EKS. All of this will be deployed via IaC using AWS CDK allowing the customer to modify and reuse after the engagement.

What are the benefits of a EKS OnRamp:

  • Kubernetes deployed on EKS guided by an AWS +  Kubernetes expert
  • Well-tuned to best practices EKS Cluster with pre-installed tooling & add-ons
  • Training on EKS from Innovative Experts
  • Connect to a Containers Repository
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How it works

Step 1: Complete Statement of Work

Complete the Statement of Work for EKS OnRamp

Step 2: Engagement Kickoff

A Project Kickoff call is scheduled to gather access requirements

Step 3: Installation + Config

Our Kubernetes experts deploy the EKS Cluster, Tune it to our carefully curated standards, and connect to a Containers Repo like ECR

Step 4: Training + Next Steps

A handoff training and meeting occurs to complete the project

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

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