CSC Snapshot

Provides you with a curated report that outlines a detailed assessment of your AWS environment against cost, security, and compliance best practices for a onetime cost of $99 

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What is Cost, Security, and Compliance (CSC) Snapshot

CSC Snapshot is a great way to quickly identify issues with your AWS account in the areas of cost, security, and compliance. We deliver a published report that highlights the issues and provides your team with insights for remediation. The goal is to ensure a healthy Cloud environment, resolve deficiencies before they become issues, and educate your team on continuous Cloud hygiene. As a trusted advisor, we’ll discuss the findings with you and how we can help. 

  • Evaluate your AWS account against 600+ best practice checks
  • Provide cost analysis and breakdown of your top resources
  • Identify any security and compliance issues
  • Highlight cost savings and cost optimization strategies
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“Our CSC Snapshot was very enlightening. It was a nice way to get a summary dashboard view into AWS resources and find opportunities to trim costs/improve efficiency. Thanks Innovative Solutions! Definitely worth the $99.”

Damian Marinaccio
Vice President of IT   |   CDS Life Transitions

Your CSC Snapshot report will include…

  • A full cost analysis and breakdown of your environment
  • Cloud cost savings recommendations
  • Identification of any security and compliance issues
  • Any other issues with configuration

Here is how it works

Step 1: Complete Online Form

Complete your purchase using the CSC Snapshot Order Form

Step 2: Intro Call + Setup

During this call, we will review the scope of the service and the AWS permissions needed to access your environment.

Step 3: Review + Analysis

We will then analyze your AWS account and prepare a curated report of all our findings.

Step 4: Findings + Next Steps

During this call, your CSC team will review your personalized CSC Snapshot and discuss next steps in our partnership.

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