Netsurion, a leading cybersecurity services provider, faced the challenge of migrating their on-premise infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). They sought a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with expertise in cloud migrations and partnered with Innovative Solutions to ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient transition to AWS.

Netsurion’s Challenge

The migration project involved several challenges, including:

  • Moving a complex on-premise infrastructure to AWS with minimal downtime and business disruption
  • Ensuring security and compliance during the migration process
  • Managing resource constraints and third-party dependencies
The Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions addressed these challenges through their well-defined migration process, which consisted of two main phases – Mobilize and Migrate:

  • In the Mobilize phase, they analyzed Netsurion’s on-premise infrastructure, documented migration options, and developed a detailed migration plan. They also implemented a secure landing zone and operating model in AWS.
  • During the Migrate phase, Innovative Solutions executed the migration plan in a series of waves, managing the transfer, review, and cutover milestones for each wave.

After the migration, they optimized the AWS environment by setting up monitoring, alerting, and backup solutions and provided Netsurion with the necessary documentation for ongoing operations.

Results and Benefits

The partnership between Netsurion and Innovative Solutions resulted in:

  • A seamless migration of >100 servers to AWS with minimal downtime and business disruption
  • Enhanced security and compliance in the AWS environment
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure that adapts to Netsurion’s future needs
  • Cost-efficient resource utilization and ongoing cost management
Why Do It Alone?

Partnering with a qualified MSP like Innovative Solutions can help ensure a successful cloud migration (, resulting in satisfied customers like Netsurion. Discover how Innovative Solutions can help you build, manage, and your cloud infrastructure with their Managed Cloud Services (


“Our team at Innovative Solutions is extremely proud of our successful partnership with Netsurion in achieving a seamless, secure, and efficient cloud migration to AWS. We carefully navigated the complexities of their on-premise infrastructure and addressed security and compliance concerns, ensuring minimal downtime and business disruption. The resulting scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient AWS environment has empowered Netsurion with the ability to adapt to their future needs.”

– Mike Salas, Innovative Solutions


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