Campspot, a company that specializes in real-time reservation booking for campsites, experienced exceptional growth during the COVID pandemic. With an increasing demand for their services across the United States, Campspot needed to scale their technology and products rapidly.

Campspot’s Challenge

To maintain their growth trajectory, Campspot required a fast and efficient migration to AWS. The main drivers for this migration were security and scalability, which would enable Campspot to introduce new services at a faster pace while providing additional stability to existing workloads through a consistent architecture.

The Partner Solution

Campspot partnered with Innovative Solutions to assess the workloads planned for migration to the AWS cloud, including modernizing existing workloads. Innovative Solutions deployed a Landing Zone & Operating Model, enabling the setup of AWS infrastructure, services, and security measures. Following that, they worked on deploying AWS services and Campspot applications, including moving EC2 microservices to ECS Containers and configuring autoscaling, load balancing, and other crucial components.

“Our team at Innovative was thrilled to work with Campspot on their migration to AWS. We were committed to providing them with a secure and scalable solution that would enable their business to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the results of our partnership and the positive impact it has had on their growth.”

– AJ Rivera, Innovative Solutions

Results and Benefits

The partnership with Innovative Solutions allowed Campspot to successfully migrate to AWS, providing them with a secure and scalable platform to grow their business. They can now introduce new services faster, ensuring the stability of existing workloads through a consistent architecture. Additionally, they have access to advanced monitoring, alerting, and health check features that help maintain high availability and performance.

Why Do It Alone?

Are you also facing challenges in scaling your business and meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving market? Partner with Innovative Solutions and leverage our expertise in AWS migrations ( and cloud solutions. Let us help you navigate the complex world of cloud services and provide you with a seamless and efficient transition to a more scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure.

Working with Innovative Solutions has allowed us to scale our technology efficiently and securely. Their expertise in AWS has been invaluable to our growth.”

– Cody H., CTO, CampSpot


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