Managed Cloud Services

For just $199 per month, we can help manage your cloud spend effectively, optimize every dollar invested, and maximize your technical capabilities with real people by your side.

Managed Cloud Services

Are you an AWS customer struggling with high cloud costs, security concerns, and lack of support?

Introducing Managed Cloud Services by Innovative – the ultimate solution for your cloud management needs. With over 30 years of experience and a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS, Innovative is one of the fewer than 30 partners worldwide dedicated to helping SMBs and startups like you succeed in the cloud.

For just $199 a month, MCS offers: A robust cloud management platform that reduces your AWS spend. A dedicated technical cloud engineer to assist you with any cloud-related issues and on top of that Net 60-day or Net 30-day payment terms for your monthly bill, providing your business with greater financial flexibility.

Take control of your cloud journey today with Managed Cloud Services by Innovative

MCS Benefits

Here are some of the things you can expect...

Cutting-edge Tooling and Reporting
Elevate operations withour suite of tools to boost visibility, performance, and efficiency across yoursystems + applications.

Build, Optimize, and Scale for the Future
Enhance scalability with containerization, automation, and other efficiency-boosting mechanisms for quicker time-to-market.

24x7x365 Support and Monitoring
Get round-the-clock emergency Cloud iNOC coverage, APM tools, and observability tailored to your needs.

Real-Time Security and Cost Savings Checks
Continuous monitoring for configuration, security, utilization, and cost savings to preempt issues and optimize performance.

On-Demand Experts, When You Need Them
Get technical support and guidance from ourbrilliant team of AWS certified cloud engineerswhenever you business needs it.

AWS Premier Partner

What Our Clients Are Saying...

There’s really no way we could do what we do on a daily basis without Innovative’s help. Amazon’s services are excellent, but we don’t have the expertise on premises to be able to handle that and Innovative does.

Tom Cannon, COO

There have been many successes throughout this experience utilizing the new system. From increasing the user base by 60%, increasing productivity and revenue, as well as having greater reliability, and meeting and exceeding some of the security and compliance regulations.

Jon Abbey, Senior Vice President

With our Managed Cloud Services, you get all this for ONLY $199 A MONTH

Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities
Technical Capabilities

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

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