Managed Cloud Services

Let us help you build, manage, and optimize your cloud infrastructure with Innovative Managed Cloud Services. We use a combination of the right people and automation to proactively manage your cloud environment, so you don’t have to.

Managed Cloud Services from Innovative

When you choose Innovative to manage your AWS Cloud, you’re choosing to use our expertise and our tooling to ensure that your cloud applications aren’t wasting money, creating security holes, or causing downtime. Our expertise is embodied within our people – a team of 100% AWS certified cloud experts with systems administration, DevOps, SecOps, cloud software development, and cloud solutions architect skillsets. A designated technical account manager will help with coordinating and be focused on your business outcomes. Our tooling utilizes best-in-class commercial and proprietary technology for deploying, configuring, monitoring, alerting, securing, optimizing, and reporting. We’re here to help you develop and execute upon your cloud roadmap so you can focus on your customers.

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

MCS Elements

Proactive Cloud Management

Starting from a personalized operational run book, our staff of experts proactively manages your cloud infrastructure, including service uptime monitoring and management, real-time alerts, backup/recovery, anti-virus, OS management, storage management, network enablement, and service provisioning.

Best Practice Checks

Innovative uses software and automation to continuously and automatically evaluate your environment against more than 400 best practice checks to identify waste, security, and utilization issues in your infrastructure.

Cost Optimization

By analyzing configuration and resource utilization patterns, we automatically identify cost savings opportunities as they occur, including analysis of reserved instances and savings plan purchases, resizing resources, identifying idle resource waste, and rogue services.

Security and Compliance

Real time monitoring for infrastructure security holes, OS-layer antivirus, and optional database security and S3 antivirus management.  With Total Compliance, customers in regulated industries will track compliance of their infrastructure against up to 35 different compliance frameworks.

24/7 NOC and On-Demand DevOps

Around the clock coverage for critical support and expert coverage for proactive and reactive support including ticketing, change management, war rooms, shared slack channels, and SLA reporting.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Development and documentation of disaster recovery planning and runbooks driven by customer choice of redundancy level and recovery time objectives.

Real-time dashboards and customer portal

Online access with visibility into costs, best practice checks, trends, advanced reporting, and online ticket tracking and management.  Online self-service access to and full-service analysis from application performance monitoring dashboards, infrastructure utilization dashboards, cost savings recommendations, compliance tracking, and more.

Innovative Insights Reports

Your designated technical account manager is focused on business impact achievement, including preparation and delivery of weekly, monthly, and quarterly Innovative Insights powerpoint decks with proof-of-value, progress reporting, SLA analysis, and backlog tracking.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

There’s really no way we could do what we do on a daily basis without Innovative’s help. Amazon’s services are excellent, but we don’t have the expertise on premises to be able to handle that and Innovative does.

Tom Cannon, COO

There have been many successes throughout this experience utilizing the new system. From increasing the user base by 60%, increasing productivity and revenue, as well as having greater reliability, and meeting and exceeding some of the security and compliance regulations.

Jon Abbey, Senior Vice President

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