Aerify, a Managed Service Provider for Small and Medium-sized Businesses, aimed to double its growth within the next 1-1.5 years while ensuring scalability, efficiency, and profitability. To achieve these goals, Aerify partnered with Innovative Solutions, an expert in aligning technology with business objectives, to help modernize their EUC solution and migrate their customers to the cloud.

Aerify’s Challenge

Aerify faced several challenges in managing their multi-account structure and client base, including:

  • Implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) standards
  • Streamlining their backup processes
  • Enhancing Amazon WorkSpaces capabilities for their clients
  • Building a repeatable, scalable process for onboarding new clients
The Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions devised a comprehensive solution by focusing on AWS Organization, Control Tower, Single Sign-On, Service Catalog MVP, Centralized Backup Management, Cost Improvements, and Custom CloudWatch Reporting or Monitoring:

  • AWS Organization + Control Tower + Single Sign-On: Innovative Solutions designed and implemented an AWS Organization Architecture in alignment with AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, AWS Well-Architected Framework, and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model.
  • Develop and Deliver Service Catalog MVP: Innovative Solutions used Infrastructure as Code to create a Service Catalog Product for repeatable customer environment deployments.
  • Centralized Backup Management Solution: A company-wide AWS Organization Backup Policy was created and applied to the Customer Organizational unit, streamlining the backup process for Aerify’s clients.
  • Cost Improvements: Innovative Solutions configured AWS Budgets and investigated the risk tolerance threshold for Reserved Instance commitments.
  • Custom CloudWatch Reporting or Monitoring: The team identified baseline metrics important to the customer’s KPI’s and created repeatable custom Metrics and Alarms using Infrastructure as Code.
  • Financial Flexibility: Partnered with the AWS Loan Program to provide a cost effective and efficient payment model that met Aerify’s financial requirements.
Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Aerify and Innovative Solutions yielded impressive results:

  • Streamlined onboarding process for new clients, improving efficiency and scalability
  • Enhanced backup management, reducing downtime and risks
  • Improved AWS Workspace capabilities, addressing video and application management concerns
  • Optimized costs with AWS Budgets and Reserved Instance management
  • Increased profitability and client satisfaction through efficient, high-quality cloud services
Why Do It Alone?

Innovative Solutions successfully addressed Aerify’s challenges and delivered a tailored solution that met their business objectives. By leveraging Innovative Solutions’ expertise, Aerify was able to accelerate growth, improve client satisfaction, and increase profitability, solidifying their position as a leading Managed Service Provider for SMBs. Discover how Innovative Solutions can help you build, manage, and optimize your cloud infrastructure with their Managed Cloud Services (

“We are proud to have partnered with Aerify in their remarkable journey of scaling their business. Through AWS’s tremendous technology, Aerify has not only expanded its core operations, but also established a new organization focused on cutting-edge VDI solutions. With the new venture,, they now offer a white label VDI solution utilizing AWS Workspaces, all made possible by the seamless integration and automation provided by our team at Innovative Solutions.”

– Taylor Copie, Innovative Solutions

Cedar Electronics

Cedar Electronics Corporation is a global supplier of connected automotive and consumer electronics solutions, and home of industry-leading brands, Cobra Electronics and ESCORT. Cedar’s ever-expanding family of products includes connected radar/laser detectors, smart dash cams, CB and marine radios, portable power solutions, and driver alert applications. Located in Chicago, Illinois, their flagship products are their intelligent, sensor-based devices and network platform to capture and share real-time alerts fueled by a rapidly growing driver community.

Customer Challenge

Cedar was looking to move from two of their data centers into AWS in a six-week time frame. The motivation for the move was to limit costly fees for the data center usage and consolidate resources to be more easily managed. The requirements included maintaining private connectivity to two other offices and a third-party vendor via VPN tunnels. The final network IP schemes needed to match their current on-premises network exactly as changing the IPs for the underlying applications was not an option.  A single, consolidated entry point into AWS was desired for all remote sites so the management of traffic could be centralized.

Partner Solution

Innovative Solutions migrated to their AWS environment using CloudEndure with a third VPC as a landing zone. The cut over of each data center required a two-week separation, so planning had to incorporate this to allow consistent traffic during the entire process. Innovative Solutions deployed a Transit Gateway to route Traffic across both VPCs in AWS as well as to the third-party vendor VPC, in another AWS region, and the two on-premises office locations, through VPN Tunnels. Both office locations can continue working with the servers in both VPC’s as well as the third-party vendor’s VPC. Routing on-premises terminates the VPN through two different firewall vendors, Sophos and Cisco Meraki, which both functions seamlessly with AWS Site-to-Site VPN.

Results And Benefits

Cedar Electronics was able to retire unsupported equipment in both data centers and consolidate/standardize into a single AWS Region. All remote sites were able to continue working with their applications with minimal interruption and without changing application-level code or connections.

Innovative Solutions AWS Networking Competency

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