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We do this by offering cloud consulting, cloud migrations, cloud-native development, and managed services. Innovative provides customized solutions based on each business’s unique needs and partners with customers throughout their entire cloud journey.

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Cloud Consulting

A Cloud Consultant can help you develop an actionable cloud strategy and roadmap that best meets the unique needs of your business. We have a team of consultants with years of IT leadership experience ready to take your business to the next level.

Virtual CIO   |   Cloud Assessment Services

Cloud Migrations

If you’re not in the cloud already, chances are you’re falling behind. If you are in the cloud, are you realizing its full potential? No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Innovative Solutions can get you where you need to be…ahead of your competition.

Windows Workloads on AWS   |   End User Compute   |   Database Migration   |   Microsoft SQL on AWS   |   VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud-Native Development

The modern way to develop software, designed to deliver business value.  Take full advantage of the scalable, flexible, and secure nature of the cloud with Innovative’s cloud-native application development experts.

Strategy and Architecture   |   Application Modernization   |   Cloud-Native Application Development   |   Cloud DevOps

Managed Cloud Services

Let us help you build, manage, and optimize your cloud infrastructure with Innovative Managed Cloud Services. We use a combination of the right people and automation to proactively manage your cloud environment, so you don’t have to.

What you can expect with Innovative Cloud Services

We’ve helped companies like yours

Humanex Ventures

Roji Health Intelligence



Our company takes data security very seriously, and Innovative mirrored that security approach throughout the transition.

Roji is a small technology company in healthcare. We help providers see their quality and cost in a different way. We built our existing environment with physical servers, so moving to the AWS Cloud, we really needed the help to make sure that it was a safe environment for protecting patient data. Our company takes…

Terry Hush Co-Founder and CEO Roji Health Intelligence

They’re the experts that we’ve been seeking to help us better understand our current cloud infrastructure and reconfigure it to gain further efficiency all while increasing our security.

Quarem is a technology provider to the commercial real estate industry. We provide the tools that enable companies to manage their portfolios within the cloud environment. AWS and Innovative provide us with a robust infrastructure and the ability to operate 24/7 on a global scale. They’re the experts that we’ve been seeking to help us…

Guy Gray COO Quarem

AWS’s services are excellent, but we don’t have the expertise on premises to be able to handle that and Innovative does.

There’s really no way we could do what we do on a daily basis without Innovative’s help. AWS's services are excellent, but we don’t have the expertise on premises to be able to handle that and Innovative does.

Thomas Cannon COO Quality in Real Time

We are seeing a lot of gains, from an operational perspective, because of our new system and hopefully we can turn those into future growth and bigger and better opportunities.

Fieldtex is a manufacturing and distribution company that services contracts nationwide. We reached out to Innovative because we had an order taking platform that we had been building for 10 years and we needed something that would be better for our business, better infrastructure, and something we had more control of. There have been many…

Jon Abbey Senior Vice President Fieldtex Products

Working with Innovative is a very collaborative process, they are not a company that says this is the way you have to do it. They walk in and say “Help me understand what you do”.

One piece that I think with Innovative that is great is it’s not cookie cutter, it’s not one size fits all. I think our business is positively impacted based on our relationship with Innovative. Having Innovative, working with AWS and having that platform available to us is a huge help.

Joe Macrillo CFO Huther Doyle

They are patient and they work with us where we’re at. We really needed to know that the partners we chose would really care about our company and Innovative has done that.

Innovative provided an objective expert third party perspective on all that we had done in the cloud, particularly as it relates to security and cost optimization. The efficiencies that we’ve gained has given us the ability to get feedback from our customers, develop software faster, and Innovative has helped us to be more aware of…

Jeremy Williams CFO Quadrant Bioscience

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