Tailwinds OnRamp

Create a best-practice Generative AI solution with all the tools you need and quickly integrate it into your business

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Innovative’s Tailwinds OnRamp empowers your business with an AI solution that’s quick to integrate. Our platform builds the best practice AI architecture your business needs to modernize data and workflows.  Innovative Tailwinds helps health tech, fintech, manufacturing and software companies automate tasks, gain insights from data and accelerate innovation.

Quick-to-Integrate AI Solution: Our Tailwinds OnRamp platform offers a swift, seamless integration process, ensuring your business benefits from AI capabilities without delays.

Customizable and Extensible Design: The Tailwinds OnRamp adapts to your unique use cases and industry requirements, providing a tailored AI solution rather than a generic one.

End-to-End Support: From deploying the AI architecture to training you on its integration with your systems, workflows, and data, we offer comprehensive support throughout your AI journey.

Solves Critical Business Problems: Our platform addresses key business challenges such as cumbersome personnel workflows, slow data entry, and extensive data analysis requirements.

Accelerates Innovation Across Industries: Tailwinds OnRamp empowers various industries including health tech, fintech, manufacturing, and software companies, enabling automation, data insights, and rapid innovation.

Building Blocks to AI Solutions

Innovative will deploy a reference architecture and train your team on how to integrate it into your systems

How it works

A Tailwinds (Generative AI) OnRamp by Innovative quickly integrates into your business with a modern tool set


Integration roadmap planning session


Installation of Generative AI tool set


Technical training and documentation

Tailwinds OnRamp Use Cases

Built for HealthTech, FinTech, Manufacturing and SaaS companies

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

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