The Challenge

Until recently, the relationship between Innovative Solutions and Derigo was like one you might keep with a childhood friend—we’re there when they need us, and only a phone call away. But recently, the folks at Derigo knew they needed a little more. Their server, which was running all of their back-end equipment, was old, run down and needed to be replaced. Enter Innovative Solutions.  We took one look at the server and immediately knew they needed a new piece of hardware—or better yet, an entirely new solution. We asked ourselves: Can we eliminate that hardware cost altogether and still give them an efficient, cost-effective, reliable solution? The answer? Absolutely.

Partner Solution

With Office 365—Microsoft’s suite of cloud solutions—we knew we could give Derigo exactly what they needed, without the cost of a new on-site server. By placing them “in the cloud,” the organization would reap the benefits of new and improved email and communication, collaboration, file sharing, and much more.  We also implemented InTune for device management, which is not part of the Office 365 suite, but is part of Microsoft’s cloud offerings. It’s a solution to manage things like antivirus and updates across devices—a great tool and perfect complement to the Office 365 solution.  We upgraded all of Derigo’s endpoints by updating their PCs to Windows 10, which is optimized for Office 365 and cloud management. We also implemented additional solutions like Quickbooks Online to help maximize efficiency and put in new firewalls and switches for added security and reliability.  When we’re presented with a problem, we look at the big picture. We provide solutions that are innovative, well thought-out, and effective. And that’s exactly what we delivered for Derigo.

A Higher Level

There’s something to be said for a willingness to try something new. Derigo trusted Innovative Solutions to take over—to give them a new solution that would save time and money, increase efficiency, and improve cycle time. We knew Office 365 was the answer and went for it. Now, everything is newer, faster, and more secure. Derigo is operating at a higher level, and we’re proud to have helped bring them there.



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