Humanex Ventures

Humanex Ventures is a human resource consulting company based in Lincoln, Nebraska that helps businesses architect excellence in talent, culture, and teams. Having a specialized focus in education, athletics, and business & community, Humanex marries technology and research to help organizations across the country master their people needs.

The Challenge

Humanex served their partners through a Java-based software platform. They had two main drivers to move to the cloud:

>  Their entire technology stack was approaching support end of life
>  They did not have the source code of their current software solution

With end of support upon them, Humanex was operating on a system that lacked redundancy, scalability, and reliability. Also, with no source code, further support and enhancements were costly and time-consuming, taking their technical staff away from impactful work for their customers. With the future in mind, Humanex knew it was time to move to the cloud: specifically, AWS.

The Solution

Our engagement started with a two-day discovery session at Humanex’s headquarters in Nebraska. During this session we performed a deep dive to understand their current application’s capabilities, documented their systems, and educated their staff on what their feature set could look like in AWS. Virtual sessions continued post-workshop to prioritize the features and design of their new application. Finally, we met once more at our home office in Rochester, NY to solidify the solution.

After months of development, our teams were able to create an entirely new cloud-native platform living in AWS. Humanex’s code deployment was built with a modern DevOps framework using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CloudFormation, and the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). Their single-page application is now served up through Amazon CloudFront and hosted in S3 for performance and efficiency. Calls into their API are served up by Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, and backend asynchronous processes utilize Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), all for greater efficiency. Their database leverages Amazon Aurora Serverless, and the entire application possesses easy monitoring and visibility through Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray performance metrics. Lastly, each environment is contained within its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for heightened security.

The Results

Through our partnership, Humanex now has a completely rejuvenated, agile application powered by AWS. Their solution exemplifies the pillars of AWS’ Well-Architected Framework: secure, high performing, operationally efficient, resilient, and cost optimized. They have a highly scalable, cost effective solution that they can continue to build upon with significantly lower operational overhead. This lowered overhead reduces time to market, helping Humanex to stay ahead of their competition. With serverless computing as the backbone to their application, infrastructure management is simplified and streamlined so Humanex’s technical team can focus on implementing features that serve their customers.

Check out our video on Humanex Ventures


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