Roji Health Intelligence

Roji Health Intelligence is a small technology company based in Chicago, IL that targets the healthcare industry. Their software platform helps providers see their quality and costs in a unique way, which allows patients to receive the right care at the right time. Healthcare organizations are realigning services and operations to deliver Value-Based Care. To get there, providers need robust information about cost and outcomes to make wise strategic and financial decisions. Roji creates pioneering, technology-based solutions and services for these organizations to achieve just that. They help health care systems, ACOs, medical groups, and health systems to grow and prosper with ACOs, Direct Contracting, Primary Care First and other Medicare and commercial Value-Based Care models.

The Challenge

Roji had an opportunity to transform their business by moving to the cloud. They initially built their environment using on-premise physical servers. Although they were able to serve the majority of their customer base, their business was growing at a rapid rate, and they needed the ability to scale quickly, efficiently, and securely in the cloud. Security was a major focus for Roji, as they needed to protect their patient data and meet HIPPA compliance standards. In addition to scalability and security, Roji saw the potential costly capital expenditures on the horizon if they continued to use their on-premise IT infrastructure. Most of their physical servers and equipment were going end of life, and would have required a large financial investment to purchase newer pieces of hardware in addition to the migration of their workloads to the new hardware.

The Solution

After months of preparation and planning, we were able to help Roji through their migration and utilize the power of the cloud. The engagement started with a Migration Readiness Assessment, where we utilized a migration tool to crawl the customer’s current on-premise environment and create a total cost of ownership (TCO) for their future cloud costs. Once validated, our team started planning for Roji’s full migration. The migration was made seamless with the help from CloudEndure, a highly-automated tool that simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of migrating applications to AWS Cloud. With CloudEndure, our team was able to set up agents and cutover to the customer’s cloud environment in an instant. We performed a domain health audit on the customers domain controllers and migrated them over to their AWS environment as well. After the migration was complete, our team provided extended support to the Roji team to ensure the migration and handoff was as smooth as possible for their technical team and their customers.

The Result

With a helping hand from our Migration team, Roji is now set up for success within AWS. They moved from an on-prem solution that could not scale to their business needs to a cohesive cloud solution that will help them deliver a greater experience to their customers. Large capital expenditures and downtime are worries of the past with pay-as-you-go compute resources spread across multiple availability zones. Roji can effortlessly protect their customer data through their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), meet HIPAA compliance requirements, and have the ability to meet other compliance standards like HITRUST, that will attract more customers.

Check out our video on Roji Health Intelligence


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