Quarem’s industry leading lease management software comes from technology and people working together.

The Challenge

Quarem’s web application architecture included a front-end web server which was directly accessible over the Internet. Due to this being a single webserver, they were leaving a business-critical application open to potential issues. The fact that the application was on a single web server, the likelihood for downtime, due to a server issue, was very high. The server environment was not easily scalable to meeting the growing business needs. There was also a possibility that the server could have been over-exposed through configuration mistakes. For all of these reasons, Quarem knew it needed a change.

The Solution

Quarem, with the help of AWS and Innovative Solutions, created an EC2 Auto-Scaling Group for the webserver and launched at least two servers in multiple availability zones. An Application Load Balancer was set up to direct traffic to the Auto-Scaling Group and to terminate SSL traffic. Quarem migrated their DNS to Route53, to be able to send their traffic to the load balancer in the zone apex record. With these changes, Quarem was able to build a more secure and scalable environment both internally and externally for their customers


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