myDigitalOffice is a technology company that’s disrupting the hospitality industry with their #1 rated hotel accounting and finance software. Their modern information management software, allows customers to visualize their data and create action from it. To continue their innovation, they needed to go all in on the Cloud and migrate their entire infrastructure to their new 2.0 platform, built on AWS.

The Challenge

myDigitalOffice was facing two major issues that needed to be resolved immediately. The first issue was that they were overspending by being extremely over provisioned. The second issue was that they were on a strict timeline to migrate their on-premises servers out of the IBM datacenter before it closed permanently. With deadlines looming, they knew they needed to find a way to migrate quickly and reduce their spend. They already had part of their infrastructure in AWS but did not feel they had the resources to successfully migrate and support any additional workloads in the Cloud. That’s when they turned to Innovative.

The Solution

myDigitalOffice’s software enables their customers to organize information in meaningful and actionable snapshots with instant reporting across properties and systems. We stepped in and quickly understood myDigitalOffice’s situation and built a plan that will meet all their immediate needs and set them up for future growth. The first step of this engagement was to analyze and document their current on-premises infrastructure within IBM. The deliverable was a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) for their remaining workloads. With the MRA complete, we utilized CloudEndure to migrate everything to their existing account on AWS. This AWS offering provided a low cost, scalable, and highly reliable infrastructure platform that helped manage variable costs and replace high upfront infrastructure investments. It allowed us to create a copy of their existing servers without the need to rebuild these instances within AWS.

Due to the hospitality industry being decimated by COVID-19, myDigitalOffice was hesitant to come up with the upfront costs typically associated with migrations. We were able to identify an AWS funding program that drastically reduce their investment, allowing them to stay under their operating budget.

The Result

Utilizing CloudEndure, we were able to complete the migration project within the deadline set by their IBM Datacenter. With myDigitalOffice now being a cloud-first company, they can easily right size their entire infrastructure to the correct specifications without the need to over provision for the future, saving them thousands of dollars a year. It also allows them to achieve increased reliability and scalability without the large upfront cost.


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