Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – The Future of Desktops

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – The Future of Desktops

An important new development in cost effective deployment of IT solutions is “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” (VDI).  It’s highly advisable to add this solution for evaluation as you review/update your existing IT strategy roadmap.

Current desktop solutions limit the users to a single device in one location.  In the past, if a user wanted to switch between devices, they would have to manually copy files and data so they can continue to work.  Users would have to take a flash drive or some kind of removable media and copy the files.

With virtual desktops the files and desktops will follow the user.  All their data and settings look exactly the same even when accessed from different devices.  The users’ data will be stored in the cloud and accessible from many different devices.


Microsoft is a major player in this space and has three primary solutions to support VDI. Microsoft’s solutions can be implemented to give users a seamless desktop experience that is both cost effective and easy to manage.

Remote Desktop Sessions

Remote Desktop Sessions (RDS) was the first way this was done. This was the easiest way to get into a VDI like solution. All the users would log into one single server that contains their desktop and programs.

Pooled Desktops

Pooled Desktops is one of the new ways to do it. A single server can be setup with a snapshot of a desktop. A user could log in and use the programs they need to. The administrator decides if the changes should be saved and the computer is reverted back for the next user.

Personal Desktops

Personal Desktops is the true desktop replacement strategy. Each user logs into a dedicated virtual machine made just for them on the server. In a perfect deployment, the user may not even know their machine is in the cloud.

VDI Advantages

VDI will save organizations money by reducing the power needed at each end station. The users will connect to their machine using just about anything including computers, phones, tablets or even thin clients. Users won’t have to worry about where they are saving files when switching from tablets to desktops and laptops. Every time the user logs in, they will be presented with the same familiar desktop.
In many situations, VDI can be an innovative way of adding a flexible, controlled and cost effective solution to improve your business and an integral part of your IT strategy roadmap. However like most large scale investments, assessment and planning is a critical component and should not be underestimated. Innovative Solutions has a long and successful history of IT strategy planning and extensive experience in infrastructure implementations, contact us today, we’d love to help!  – email us today!


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