Is email phishing just an I.T. Issue?

Look at any news source today and you are bound to see yet another article on how Phishing is affecting businesses of all sizes in the U.S. and overseas.  With the amount of money that is being spent on protecting networks and end points, why is phishing such an easy way to disrupt operations or even worse, steal and corrupt your data.  The answer is easy, people are the weak point.  

Did you know that…

  • 1 in 131 emails contained malware, the highest rate in 5 years *
  • Ransomware damages are up 15X in the last 2 years, expected to worsen **
  • Business Email Compromise scams, relying on spear-phishing emails, targeted over 400 businesses every day *

How do you stay protected?

The solution to phishing is also easy, Test and Train your employees consistently.  Have a Phishing Campaign performed on all the e-mail users of the company.  See who would be willing to click that link or even supply credentials.  The next part is training those same employees on how to spot a phishing e-mail because as we all know, e-mail filters will not stop all of them from reaching us.  It’s all about raising Information Security Awareness consistently and often.

Innovative Solutions can help your business test employees with a Phishing Campaign and with training materials to help raise consistent awareness.

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Statistic Sources:
* Symantec
** Cybersecurity Ventures


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