Managed GenAI is here and Innovative is leading the pack with Tailwinds ChitChat and MDS

Managed GenAI is here and Innovative is leading the pack with Tailwinds ChitChat and MDS

We are excited and immensely proud to unveil Managed Service for Generative AI –  MDS (Managed Data Services). MDS is our commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of AI-driven data management. At Innovative Solutions, we recognize the transformative power of AI and the critical need for streamlined data services.

MDS is engineered to transform small to medium-sized businesses and startups, giving them a formidable tool to propel their growth and solidify their competitive edge in the market.

Empowers SMBs and Startups on Their GenAI/Data Journey

Envision your business, confidently launching sophisticated AI applications, diving deep into BI reporting, and fine-tuning ML models. MDS equips you with the assurance that your data infrastructure is not just robust but also scalable, evolving effortlessly with your burgeoning ambitions.

Crafting Your Data Narrative

Businesses have unique requirements, and MDS is structured to meet an organization where they are in their life cycle. Our tiered approach—Good, Better, Best—is designed to mirror the unique chapters of your business’s growth story.

Whether you’re establishing the foundation with our essential services or scaling new heights with advanced capabilities and committed support, MDS is crafted to align with your expansion, smoothing out the traditional bumps of scaling data pipeline teams and tools.

MDS navigates the complex web of data integrations with finesse, enabling you to focus on steering your business’s core operations. More than just a managerial tool, MDS is an engine for innovation, powering strategic decision-making with actionable data insights. This strategic approach doesn’t just sustain your business but launches it into new territories of innovation and value creation.

IBM + AWS, best in breed, and nothing less

MDS brings together the capabilities of IBM and AWS, providing SMBs and startups with a solution that stands out in the market for its reliability and scalability.

IBM’s time-tested expertise in complex data analytics merges with the dynamic, expansive cloud infrastructure from AWS to deliver a service that’s fast, flexible, and future-proof. This integration means that MDS users gain instant access to the best of both worlds: robust analytics and machine learning tools from IBM, and the vast computing resources of AWS.

It’s a combo that accelerates the path from data to actionable insights, ensuring our customers can react swiftly to market changes and business opportunities.

Our commitment materialized: Tailwinds ChitChat Managed Services AI Assistant

Tailwinds ChitChat

ChitChat is a free service to all Innovative Managed Services customers, including MDS.

ChitChat has a number of key features tuned for our Managed Services customers….

  • Access to a number of documentation sources such AWS Docs, HIPAA and PCI requirements.
  • ChitChat has the ability to create architecture diagrams, step by step workflow diagrams
  • Access to tools like Email so you can say “write me a step by step workflow and email it to Joe”.
  • Integrates with Innovative NOC and SOC teams so you can directly open tickets summarizing your conversation or need for assistance.

Over time, we plan to build out multiple integrations with other Innovative Managed Services technologies such as monitoring systems, CI/CD pipelines and more. Creating connective tissue for our customers in one package.


A Trusted Ally in Your Digital Voyage

As an organization evolves their of AI and BI objectives, Innovative MDS becomes an integral part of your team.

Innovative views this new offering as a partnership that empowers SMBs and startups to harness the full potential of Generative AI without the overhead of managing complex data infrastructures.

It’s a commitment to enabling growth, fostering innovation, and ensuring that our clients are not just keeping pace with the advances in AI and data analytics, but are setting the pace themselves. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, redefining the possibilities for businesses in the AI era.


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