Innovative Solutions Launches Tailwinds on AWS

New offering allows businesses to build AI applications with AWS and Anthropic’s Claude

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (July 26, 2023) – Innovative Solutions, a leading provider of cloud services for growing businesses, announced today that it has launched its Tailwinds product on the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) marketplace. Built by Innovative and based upon technologies from both AWS and Anthropic, Tailwinds allows business leaders and software engineers to use generative AI technology within their applications without the complexity, high cost, and time associated with traditional software development. This new tool enables small to midsize businesses to seamlessly adopt AI technologies in their applications.

“We’re proud to introduce Tailwinds to the market,” said Travis Rehl, SVP of Product and Service at Innovative Solutions. “We’re pioneering a path to make generative AI accessible and efficient for all businesses, empowering them to enrich their products, services, and workflows without the need for deep AI expertise. Tailwinds is the easy button for building apps with generative AI.”

Tailwinds includes three components that application developers and product managers can use to accelerate product development using AI technology: (1) a comprehensive, plug-and-play reference architecture, based on Infrastructure as Code; (2) an API library for utilizing Anthropic and AWS’s AI technologies; and (3) a serverless environment for testing and sharing use case examples during the development process.

Scott Burklund, CIO of Preverity, a company that helps healthcare businesses and technology companies manage, analyze, and model healthcare data, is one of Innovative’s first customers on the platform: “Leveraging Tailwinds is a game-changer for us at Preverity. We’re thrilled to unlock new opportunities by integrating this Innovative’s AI solution into our data analysis processes. With Tailwinds, we’ll use AI to support our growth and deliver even more value to our clients.”

Anthropic, the creators of the generative AI technology named Claude, and Innovative have partnered to support Anthropic’s Claud AI technology on AWS, bridging the technology gap for companies looking to leverage generative AI without the hurdles of integrating the technology themselves. Tailwinds is targeted specifically at HealthTech, FinTech, Manufacturing, and SaaS companies.

“Innovative Solutions, one of our first Generative AI Partners, has indexed heavily on customer obsession and is focused on guiding our customers along an AI Journey that will deliver them transformational outcomes,” said Chris Sullivan, General Manager World Wide System Integrators at AWS. “They have leveraged Amazon Bedrock, and other cutting edge AWS technologies, and brought to market Tailwinds. Like Amazon, Innovative Solutions is democratizing gen Ai, making it accessible to companies without the requirement for deep technical resources and elevated costs. More and more customers will now be able to take advantage of this transformational technology.”

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Innovative believes that every company will become a technology company, and we’re here to help. Recognized as an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner. With an army of cloud experts and the Innovative Cloud Runbook utilizing leading cloud technologies, Innovative gives businesses of every size the confidence to grow in the cloud with generative AI, application modernization, cloud migrations, AWS cloud hosting and resale, managed cloud services, cloud cost optimization, cloud security monitoring, and IT consulting.

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