Cyber security: How to thwart 2017’s biggest threats

Each year, hackers and thieves find devious new ways to compromise your information technology. Innovative Solutions has been on the case for years, and we’ve helped dozens of clients guard against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Often, a business knows they need to take decisive action, but they’re not sure where to start. So this year, we’ve organized our cyber security services into three main programs to sync up with your needs.

Program I
Cyber Security and Information Assurance Consulting

Services to assess your current state and deliver a detailed recommendation of any gaps we find. We hit every base, from staff training to disaster recovery.


Program II
Cyber Security Technical Assessment and Analysis

A series of a tests to see what happens when we attempt to break into your system. If you think you’re secure, you may be right. Or you may be surprised. Either way, with this offering, you’ll know. And you can take action.


Program III
Cyber Security Industry-specific programs

A series of services that tackle issues unique to different sectors, from banking to healthcare.

It can be rough out there—we can help you be fully prepared.

In a world where the threat is real, make sure your information is as secure as possible. These three cyber security programs will make it easier for you to get started on a path to peace of mind.

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