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How companies are using Innovative Tailwinds to enable their businesses with Generative AI Technologies

Many SMBs and Startups are partnering with Innovative Solutions to leverage their expertise in generative AI.  Innovative Tailwinds enables businesses to develop applications using techniques like large language models, computer vision, and predictive analytics to automate processes and create new value for customers.

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Higher Ed Information Security 101

A byte-sized course in data protection for college administrators It’s a long-held mystique: colleges and universities are often seen as secure, self-contained worlds free from the kinds of risks facing other sectors, like corporate...

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if ‘there’s an app for that’

As InformationWeek reported, some eye-popping forecasts came out of Gartner’s annual Symposium ITXpo this fall. The company revealed their top 10 predictions for the next several years of IT. My personal favorite is “By...

5 Steps To Address Your Illusion of Control Over Internal I.T.

The only thing worse than a lack of control is the illusion of control. Deficiencies in IT controls could result in a serious breach for a company, or worse – a CIO’s job. Despite these...

Office vs. Office 365

Evaluating Office 365 against the traditional Microsoft Office Suite your organization is currently using?  Check out our head-to-head comparison on some key differences!

Don’t Forget to Ask Questions! And Other IT Tips

As all businesses become more and more digital, and technology’s disruptive effects are felt across industries, it’s important for CEOs and business unit leaders to keep in mind worst case scenarios. Technology can help...

When Disaster Strikes – 5 Common “Disasters” Most Executives Never Think Of

Knowing the Disaster Recovery terminology is important, but equally important is knowing what sorts of situations you could be faced with. At Innovative Solutions we don’t expect our clients to be disaster recovery experts,...


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