Van Hook Services

Van Hook Services migrates aging infrastructure to Amazon Web Services using Server Migration Service (SMS).

The Challenge

Van Hook Service had aging infrastructure that was due for replacement. Since their last refresh, many of their systems, including Genesis were being accessed by their growing remote workforce. Van Hook relies on several applications for their remote technicians to access and can’t rely on their on-premise servers or internet connection. Van Hook wanted a solution that is more reliable and can scale to their ever-changing business needs.

The Solution

Van Hook migrated their entire infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), as their servers’ warranties were expiring. The servers were migrated using Server Migration Service. The company now runs their developed application, Genesis, on EC2, and some of the users’ desktops in Amazon WorkSpaces. During the migration, they were also able to implement a second environment for staging development changes to Genesis. AWS allows them to continue to iterate on their application and start developing with cloud native technologies. By using AWS, Van Hook is able to pay just for what they use and can scale up or down, depending on business needs.


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