Quality in Real Time (QIRT)

For a business that serves the health care market, like QIRT, scale, reliability, and compliance all matter.

The Challenge

QIRT’s homegrown business application system had worked well for years. But by 2012, it could no longer meet all the needs of their fast-expanding enterprise. As the company grew and the industry they served was evolving, they began to struggle to expand in the directions they needed for customers.

  • Performance and reliability issues cropped
  • Compliance requirements were increasing
  • User volume was exploding year over year
  • Can’t keep up with changing business needs
The Solution

Innovative Solutions reviewed QIRT’s existing system to determine the right direction to migrate toward as they evolved into a full-fledged Quality Cycle Management organization. The IS team came back with a bold recommendation: for QIRT to start from scratch, rewriting every piece of their application. It would be the most ambitious development project QIRT had ever considered, and one that would add scalability, flexibility, and competitive advantages to their core offering. Innovative went on to create a custom SaaS, QIRT Advantage, built on AWS so that it could serve many different types of users. AWS hosting means every end user can communicate securely across the system in an environment that meets rigorous requirements such as PHI, HIPPA compliance and the SOC2 certification. QIRT Advantage is easy for professionals in these varied fields to adapt to. Cloud-based, mobile access across devices also gives QIRT the freedom to hire the best talent, no matter where they live. And AWS services bring it all together


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