Fieldtex DevOps

The Challenge

Fieldtex had multiple applications hosted with a relatively expensive offsite provider. As part of a tech refresh most applications were migrated to new hardware and their public facing .com website was the only application being hosted on two large legacy servers that were significantly over-provisioned (two 16×64 servers). Source control was not in place and there was no formal release process.

The Solution

Innovative proposed migrating their .com website to AWS, leveraging appropriately provisioned Amazon EC2 instances in AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments. AWS CodeCommit allowed for the website’s code to be to be version controlled. AWS CodePipeline was leveraged to create application packages that could be deployed to the AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments. Amazon Aurora Serverless was used to minimize infrastructure costs and operational overhead while providing flexibility in the case of unexpected bursts of traffic. Amazon SES is used to send email.