Canandaigua Medical Group

Canandaigua Medical Group migrates entire infrastructure to AWS using Server Migration Service (SMS).

The Challenge

Canandaigua Medical Group was acquired by Thompson Health. With this acquisition came a new building slated to open in early 2019, and their servers were approaching the end of their life. Since the acquisition, the technology systems were being merged, but there was a need to keep the legacy workloads around for a little bit longer. Canandaigua Medical Group and Thompson Health wanted to avoid buying equipment that would not be used for its full lifecycle.

The Solution

Canandaigua Medical Group migrated their entire infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company now runs their legacy systems in EC2 and the users’ desktops in Amazon WorkSpaces. The servers were migrated before their deadline using Server Migration Service. By using AWS, Canandaigua Medical Group is able to pay just for what they use and can scale up or down, depending on business needs


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