Tim Reilley

Tim Reilley

Director of Products for Migration


At Innovative, we love helping customers reach their goals and beyond.

Born in Auburn, NY, Tim wanted to design and build robots when he was a kid. And while he may not be building robots, Innovative is still a pretty tech place to be working. But for all of its smarts, it’s nowhere near stuffy. Says Tim, “I love the people and the energy everyone brings each day.”

Tim is passionate about encouraging reading in children and adults, and loves to read. He also enjoys golf, and his favorite destination is the Caribbean. He earned his bachelor’s in Psychology from Houghton College.

He has lived in the Rochester area for most of his life, and currently lives in Greece, NY with his wife and 5 cats.

For Tim, working with AWS means “being on the cutting edge of technology that allows our customers to support their customers.” And in the cloud, he sees “people working collaboratively around the world, virtually.”

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