Sean Magin

Sean Magin

‪Sr. Director Sales Velocity
(585) 371-8950

Sean Magin appreciates a good story. He quotes movies. He also loves to SCUBA dive and vacations wherever he can do that. Every destination has its own history. He owns rescue dogs, who always have a backstory. It seems he’s had an affinity for stories since he was a kid, when he wanted to be a movie director/producer.

And as it turns out, there’s a new story at Innovative daily. It’s an ”incredibly dynamic workplace that forces you to level up every day,” says Sean.

Born in Rochester, Sean has lived in New York, Florida, and Ireland. He’s the youngest of four brothers. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. From his education, he learned to “show up everyday and do the work.”

One of his two most significant personal experiences was traveling abroad.  Certainly there are stories to be told about those days.

Starting a family is the other experience most significant to Sean. He has two daughters and believes that “experiences trump everything, and some things can only be learned through personal experience.”

He’s passionate about conservation efforts (his favorite color is green, of course), Rochester’s Seneca Park Zoo, and typically anything his friends and family seek support for.

He can see the stories in his customers, too. “When businesses and individuals allow themselves to tap into the transformative capabilities the cloud provides, it’s game-changing, a point-of-no-return towards advancing how they do business and propel themselves above the competition.” His approach is to put himself in his customer’s shoes; to understand their company as well as their individual goals so he can provide guidance and perspective with confidence.

Assisting in that approach is Innovative’s partnership with AWS. Sean says it’s “exciting and fulfilling to align with an industry leader and work closely with our mutual customers to achieve their business objectives.”

With his authenticity and awareness, there will be plenty of stories in Sean’s future.

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