Mike Salas

Mike Salas

Leader of Leaders – US Central Sales


As a child, Mike wanted to be an entrepreneur. He shares his birthplace of Long Branch, New Jersey, with some other notables, namely Harry Frank Guggenheim (businessman), Norman Mailer (author), and Bruce Springsteen (the Boss). At the University of Texas at Austin, while earning his BS in Electrical Engineering, he learned “how to set and achieve goals while still maintaining balance in your life.”

When asked about the most significant personal experience or time period in his life, Mike says that “In my early 30’s, I went through a period of significant personal growth that helped give me a much clearer perspective on my place in the universe.” Now, he’s a big believer in “paying it forward.” He values generosity and continues to focus on gratitude and authenticity.

He believes Innovative offers an amazing culture, fast-paced environment, where all opinions are valued.  That company culture, in addition to the AWS partnership “with whom we have a shared vision of delivering tremendous value to our clients,” allows Mike to make good on what customer service means to him:  Delivering outstanding business value and incredible outcomes. What’s next? “The future is in the cloud – everything will be possible.”

He has lived in New Jersey, both San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, Vancouver (Canada), and now is back in Texas, this time in Austin. He has three grown children and three pets – Jaxon (a Cavapoo), Aspen (a white Golden Retriever) and a Persian cat named Tila. His favorite hobby is tennis. For travel, nothing beats Barcelona, Spain.

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