Jeff Valentine

Jeff Valentine


Jeff is a technology executive focused on business growth

Born in upstate, NY, Jeff spends most of his days as an optimist, focused on building organizational muscle memory for growth. He loves to learn, travel, and learn again, accruing experiences and hobbies along the way.

Deciding against his early career choice (doctor), he spent his undergraduate years learning to become a polymer chemist. After four years of undergraduate research involving polymer synthesis and a Materials Science and Engineering degree from Cornell, he changed course to a technology career rather than opting for the 6-more-years PhD. The most valuable lesson he took from formal education, though, was learning how to learn.

And one thing he had to learn after college was how to be a good teammate. After selling his first company, he became an employee as opposed to “the Boss.” He confesses there was a bit of a learning curve on that change in position.

Jeff has held positions as CTO, CMO, and CEO at technology companies for more than 20 years, and so recognizes the importance of customer service and satisfaction. “Customers that love us will promote us, which reduces our cost to acquire new customers, reduces churn, and both (exponentially) increase our ability to grow quickly. It all starts with customers that aren’t just happy, but are raving fans.”

Jeff is passionate about Innovative’s alignment with Amazon as well.  “AWS makes all of our jobs easier because we can focus on delivering the best service experience without shoring up product gaps. AWS is the leader for a reason, and it starts with their product.”

Jeff has a wife, two children, and a white puffball dog named Watson.

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