Next-Gen Managed Cloud Services

Let us help you build, manage, and optimize your cloud infrastructure. We use a combination of the right people and automation to proactively manage your cloud environment, so you don’t have to.

Why Businesses Choose Next-Gen Managed Cloud Services

A team of AWS-certified Cloud Engineers will manage, monitor, and optimize your infrastructure, leading to increased performance, security, and cost savings for your business.

By leveraging our Next-Gen Managed Cloud Services, we can help develop and execute your cloud roadmap so you can focus on your customers.  Innovative’s easy on-boarding includes account set-up and account training to get started in no time. We provide you with a dedicated Account Manager and ongoing support to deliver best practices, proactive capacity planning and alert monitoring, and advanced operational intelligence.

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise


Let our Certified Cloud Professionals Help you Manage your Cloud Infrastructure


  • Provide overnight support and internal AWS experts
  • 24×7 support with AWS certified professional architects


  • Physically correct errors by responding to alarms and then logging changes
  • Simplified security analysis with investigation of incidents and quick response time and recovery


  • Physically set custom alarms using AWS CloudWatch
  • Observability services integrated to automatically monitor your environment


  • Design a failover strategy and replicate resources across geographic regions
  • Auto-scaling environment in the event of a disaster


  • Manually create instance Observability services integrated to automatically monitor your environment backups
  • Automated creation, retention, and deletion of snapshots


  • Physically interact with operating system to implement new patches and updates
  • Physically interact with operating system to implement new patches and updates


  • Physically interact with operating system to implement new patches and updates
  • Creation of resources using templates tailored to your cloud environment


  • Maintain consistency of cloud resource’s settings, performance, and functional characteristics.
  • Custom configuration management system that adapts quickly to constant change and manages consistency of resources throughout their lifecycle.

Cloud Management Platform

Our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) delivers visibility and intelligence across your cloud infrastructure and turns insights into action to mitigate security risks, optimize spend, and increase operational efficiencies.

Cost Management

A comprehensive cost management solution that helps you make sense of every line item to plan, automate, and optimize cloud spending. Your business benefits from cost allocation, spend optimization, and advanced alerting for invoices and billing.

Secure Your Cloud

Get integrated security configuration and activity monitoring for your multi-cloud environment. A unified cloud governance platform delivers total visibility into your cloud and continuous security monitoring of your cloud activity and configurations.

Account Management

Eliminate idle instances and unused resources with expert account management and monitoring. A CMP can improve the productivity and efficiency of your team by automating key tasks in your cloud like spend allocation and security monitoring to reduce your public cloud costs.

Working With Innovative Is Simple and With Absolutely No Surprises

You tell us what you want, when you want it, and how much you want to pay for it. We’ll work with you to give you an idea of what your end-users, network and systems need, and you tell us whether it makes sense for your business.

Support delivered the way you want it

  • Want to flex our support up or down? No problem.
  • Want to shift focus to something more important to your business? That’s ok too.
  • Do you want us to hold or suspend an initiative? Ok, we can do that as well.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

There’s really no way we could do what we do on a daily basis without Innovative’s help. Amazon’s services are excellent, but we don’t have the expertise on premises to be able to handle that and Innovative does.

Tom Cannon, COO

There have been many successes throughout this experience utilizing the new system. From increasing the user base by 60%, increasing productivity and revenue, as well as having greater reliability, and meeting and exceeding some of the security and compliance regulations.

Jon Abbey, Senior Vice President

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