Innovative EDGE

Confidently transform and scale your business on AWS with a Premier Partner.

Innovative EDGE

What is Innovative EDGE?

With Innovative EDGE, you can reduce cloud waste and return dollars back into your organization, enabling you to reinvest in its future. Our AWS certified cloud architects and engineers will help you optimize your AWS environment, give you insights into cost savings and security enhancement opportunities, lead you and your team in an exclusive Experience Day session, and much more.  Modernizing your business on AWS with Innovative, rewards you with unique loyalty benefits and saves you money at the same time.

Here are some of the benefits of Innovative EDGE:

  • Earn up to a 4% discount on your AWS spend
  • Explore, learn and grow with Experience Days
  • Earn and redeem loyalty points for future projects and initiatives
  • Free cost savings and security insights with free access to CloudCheckr

Experience Days by Innovative

Learn from expert cloud architects and technical leaders at Innovative.

Innovative EDGE Loyalty Rewards

Reward yourself for growing on AWS with Innovative.


Save for a Project

Loyalty points are redeemable on cloud initiatives and goals supported by Innovative


Cloud Strategy Session​

A 4 hour discussion between a Senior Cloud Architect and Cloud Consultant to review your technical road map and company goals related to technology. Ensuring you’re set up for success in the quarters ahead.


FinOps Session

A 2 hour session with an Innovative FinOps expert who’s sole job is to identify efficiency optimizations within your AWS Environment and give you the tools you need to execute on savings.

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

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