When to Use Fargate vs EC2 Backed for ECS Workloads

When to Use Fargate vs EC2 Backed for ECS Workloads

Innovative Experience Days are a new series of interactive workshops to help educate you on ways to grow your business with the power of AWS.

What We Will Cover:

Hear about how ECS can help improve your understanding of how to manage containerized workloads in the cloud and make informed decisions on how to optimize your infrastructure. Our experts will cover an introduction to AWS ECS, Container Options in AWS, and live demos building and deploying to an ECS cluster.

Who Should Attend:

This event is perfect for those looking to modernize their applications through containerization in AWS or anyone just starting to use ECS. You’ll get valuable insights and experience to help you achieve your goals. Plus, you can network with peers from other organizations, share best practices, and gain insights into how to optimize your containerized workloads for maximum performance.


May 12 2023


Eastern Standard Time (EST)
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Virtual Event (Zoom)


Innovative Solutions
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