The change management plan will allow for Innovative Solutions and the Client to understand the process used for managing change requests for the project. A change is defined as a modification to the procedure or deliverables of a project that affects the scope, schedule, cost, or quality. The intent is for both parties to reach agreement on the procedures, responsibilities and other conditions that will pertain to change orders for the duration of the project.


The scope of the change management plan covers the following life-cycle products:

  • Changes to the project plan
  • Noncompliance to project plan milestones
  • Code
  • Testing documentation
  • Software builds


  • Project requirements
  • Design products
  • Acceptance test criteria
  • Requirements Document(s)
  • Assumptions and Dependencies

The scope of the Change Management Plan may grow to cover additional work products as determined by the Innovative Solutions and the Client Project Managers.


The following individuals may approve a change request:

  • Innovative Solutions Project Manager/Sponsor (Scope only)
  • the Client Manager/Sponsor (Scope and financial approval)


A change control board (CCB) consisting of the following individuals (roles) will be organized for the purpose of reviewing and accepting or rejecting changes during the project. In order for a change request to be approved or rejected, minimally one representative from Innovative Solutions and the Client must represent the CCB for review and approval purposes.


The Innovative Solutions Project Manager or a designated Project Team Member will act as the Change Control Coordinator and is required to keep a log of all change requests. Furthermore, the Change Control Coordinator shall:

  • Maintain the change request records
  • Ensure that all change requests get evaluated
  • Provide reports about change request statuses
  • Reconcile approved change requests with the project’s contractual agreements


It is recommended that change requests be filled out using the change order form. This ensures that the change’s impact to the project is well documented. The form should be emailed to the Change Control Coordinator. The Change Control Coordinator will reply to the submitter of the change request within 48 hours of receipt of the request. The turnaround time for obtaining a final decision of a change is based on the change request’s priority as follows:

High (Impact to Project) 3 business days
Medium 10 business days
Low (Future Release / Phase) 15 business days

* The CCB will make the final decision on a change request



  • Change control form is filled out and submitted to the Change Control Coordinator.
  • Change Control Coordinator distributes the change request to the CCB for review.
    • If the change request is approved for estimating, the solution design is estimated.
    • If the change request is not approved for estimating, the change request is logged and a status is communicated to all parties involved.
  • Change Control Coordinator presents the solution to the CCB.
    • If the change is approved, Change Control Coordinator notifies project manager for scheduling and funds are released from the Client managed change control budget. Each such approved change order shall be deemed (i) incorporated by reference into this SOW and made a part thereof as if fully set forth in this SOW and (ii) made binding on the Parties thereto.
    • If the change is not approved, the Change Control Coordinator ensures the change request is logged and a status is communicated to all parties involved


This Change Management Plan was last updated: January 2018.


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