Campus CMG

Campus CMG reduces downtime and increases productivity with Amazon Workspaces and AWS

The Challenge

Campus CMG systems were hosted in a managed datacenter, which they were quickly outgrowing. They were using Remote Desktop Services for all their users, and found that the shared environment would experience problems when one user was consuming most of the resources. Campus CMG would have to reach out to their IT vendor to reboot their environment before they could get to work. They needed a solution that would allow them to access their desktops with a consistent experience, and not have the performance impact when users are busy.

The Solution

Campus CMG migrated their entire infrastructure from their collocation environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company now runs their major line of business applications in EC2, and their users’ desktops in Amazon Workspaces. The users are able to work remotely by using the WorkSpaces client or an HTML5 web browser. They no longer have to reboot a server and disrupt all the users if a single person is having a problem.


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