Cloud Native BI: Adopting a Cloud BI Strategy for your Organization

Cloud Native BI: Adopting a Cloud BI Strategy for your Organization

We are starting a new series of interactive workshops to help educate you on ways to grow your business with the power of AWS. I hope you can join us on Friday, September 29th from 12:00pm – 1:30pm EST to take part in our next Experience Day where we will dive deep into Cloud Native BI.

What We Will Cover

This presentation will shed light on how cloud-native Business Intelligence (BI) strategies can transform your organization’s data-driven decision-making. We will explore the benefits of adopting a Cloud BI Strategy, focusing on unified business intelligence and scalability offered by AWS services. Key features of Amazon QuickSight, such as interactive dashboards, embedded analytics, natural language queries, and machine learning insights, will be thoroughly discussed. The conversation will also extend to how organizations can leverage QuickSight’s cost-effectiveness, serverless architecture, and efficient scaling to handle varying analytic needs.

Who Should Attend

The event is designed for IT decision makers, architects, BI users, and application developers who are looking to understand or improve their usage of cloud-native BI solutions in their organizations. It’s an excellent opportunity for those interested in leveraging the power of AWS services for their BI needs, particularly if they are considering or currently using Amazon QuickSight or other BI tools. Attendees can gain insights into how to create, deploy, and optimize BI strategies on AWS.


Sep 29 2023


Eastern Standard Time
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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