Cost Expert On-Demand

Our cloud cost experts will help you navigate your AWS usage and share simple effective ways to save you money on your AWS bill, all at no charge or commitment.

With our Cost Expert On-Demand offering, you bring the cost questions and we’ll bring the optimization answers.

Are you seeing a rise in your AWS bills and having a tough time pinpointing why?  Are you beginning your Cloud optimization journey and don’t know where to begin?  Would you like an expert to consult with and understand your current Cloud environment better today?  If you said yes to any of these questions, then our certified AWS Cloud Optimization specialists can help.  They have expertise ranging from billing support, cloud optimization strategies, and solutions that enable continuous Cloud hygiene and cost efficiency.  This no cost offering is the perfect solution to getting a better understanding of your AWS monthly spend.

AWS Premier Tier Services Partner

What Are Some of the Benefits?

The goal of the Cost Expert On-Demand offering is to serve as a trusted advisor to customers, and answer any cost questions they have about their Cloud infrastructure. In our session, we will review their AWS account and deep dive into areas of focus that are most important to them.  We will also review the most asked customer inquiries to give a better understanding of all the tools available within AWS. Our experts will provide guidance and discuss next steps in our partnership.

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