Van Hook Services

Van Hook Service Company (Van Hook) is located in Rochester, NY and has served the upstate New York for over 45 years in the Industrial/Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry.

Van Hook provides expert system design, replacement, service and installations. They have developed a new way of providing their customers with outstanding HVAC&R services, called, GENESIS. The use of new custom created information technology provides their customers with the information and management tools they need to oversee their substantial investment in all mechanical equipment serviced by Van Hook.

The Challenge

Van Hook had a custom .NET web application running on two EC2 instances in AWS. Each EC2 instance was an independent application environment: Test & Prod. Deployment of the Van Hook web application was a manual process consisting of creating a deployment package on a developer’s computer and manually pushing files out to the Amazon EC2 instances via Remote Desktop. This process required significant developer overhead and was susceptible to human error (logging into the wrong server, copying the files to the wrong web application, etc).

The Solution

Innovative put in place a process where packages created on developer’s machines can be uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket via the AWS CLI Amazon S3 cp command. The Amazon S3 file upload triggers a AWS Lambda function which then calls AWS CodeDeploy to install the uploaded package onto the correct Amazon EC2 instance. HTTP headers in the Amazon S3 upload request determine onto which Amazon EC2 instance the new package is deployed. Leveraging this approach rather than deploying via the AWS CLI directly provided a history of application deployments archived in Amazon S3.


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