Will Grudzinski

Will Grudzinski

Manager of Customer Experience

(508) 340-3894

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

Will was born and has always lived in Massachusetts. He loves northern New England. His favorite places to travel are New Hampshire and Vermont. Perhaps that’s because he loves doing anything outdoors – snowmobiling, hiking, visiting breweries (if you count the “getting there” part!).

Working for his dad’s friend while in junior high was a significant time period in his life. It “helped teach me a good work ethic,” says Will. And that work ethic is something he has drawn upon since then, earning a BS in Management Information Systems from WPI, and then, while working full-time, earning his Master’s in Information Technology. “It was definitely worth it.”

“Every day is a new adventure!” says Will about working at Innovative. “The culture is unlike one I’ve ever encountered before where everyone genuinely cares about each other and builds long-lasting relationships.” With this attitude, It’s no surprise that customer service means  “becoming a truly strategic partner with our customers; getting to know them and their businesses. With this knowledge, we can better recommend solutions to improve efficiencies in their business.” And, with partner AWS, Will is thrilled to offer up these solutions to customers. “AWS is the industry leader so it’s super exciting to work with them on cutting edge technology. It’s rewarding to bring these capabilities to our customers.”

Passionate about helping others grow, both professionally and in their personal lives, it makes sense that he is currently working on leadership.  He has two cats, Tucker and Pearl. His favorite color is the color most prevalent in nature, of course – green.

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