Todd Perrine

Todd Perrine

‪Executive Vice President of Sales

Todd is a results-oriented sales leader experienced in leading from the front, increasing talent density, and accelerating growth.

Operating with a customer-first mindset, Todd has built a successful career by making strategic decisions based on customer needs. He credits his professional success to living by one simple rule: Earn trust and then drive change.

“Innovative is an amazing and unique company. I feel very fortunate to be part of this team. We value our people above all else. We have a healthy culture of condor. We employ radical organizational transparency. All necessary elements to building an intelligent workforce, improve decision making, and increase alignment and ownership.”

Based in Austin, Texas, Todd leads Innovative’s Sales organization in the US and Canada. His core leadership tenets are transparent and clear communication, context-based leadership and investing in team stability and resiliency. A believer in professional candor, Todd proactively solicits input, criticism, and feedback from his team, partners and customers to identify areas for improvements and growth. Collaboration and building a culture of curiosity are critically important to Todd.

With a passion for building and a penchant for learning, he has enabled customer-centric companies to deliver incremental value to new markets and new customers. Todd has led sales organizations for high-growth companies over the last two decades with an intentional focus on professional, consulting and managed services.

Todd lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children.

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