Ryan Boyer

Ryan Boyer

VP of Product


Customer service should be based in Customer Obsession. Every decision we make should be focused on the business outcomes our customers are striving for that we help them achieve.

One of Ryan Boyer’s (aka, Boyer) favorite quotes also conveys his attitude toward life “I don’t care what they say / Those numbers don’t mean a thing / We’ve got it made” (From the song “We” by from punk icons the Descendants) Life has taken him many places and taught him many lessons. And to them, his reply seems to be “We’ve got it made.” He appreciates the priceless and the seemingly mundane.

After college, he spent two years at Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences learning Audio Production playing with expensive mics and music gear including the legendary mixing board used to remix the 1997 rerelease of Star Wars. Here he learned that “Electricity is a linear path with a predetermined flow. Understanding how that flow goes – whether it’s an audio signal or a line of code or a packet in a network – has been an invaluable principle in my tech career.”

Now a father of two, Ryan is passionate about animal adoption (he has four cats – Bonzai, Nunchucks, Tonka, and Oak – and a dog – Juneau), Women’s Rights, Arts & Science Education, and IT Career Development with Degrees. He is  Open-Source Home Automation enthusiast who builds custom IoT devices. To unwind, Ryan often escapes with his family to the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains on weekends to disconnect from the rest of the world.

His high school band experience was not even close to what most of us might picture. Not a marching band or a concert band, but a punk band – The Misadventures. “For three years, I got to play in a punk band with my best friends. We were part of the amazing DC local music scene in the early 2000’s. Playing gigs every weekend and we were lucky enough to share the stage with some of our favorite bands and make lifelong friends.”

Born in Vienna, VA, he originally aspired to be a professional baseball player. He then lived in Reston, VA, and now resides in Woodstock GA.

In another bit of appreciation, he says, “Innovative is not like other companies. Leadership at Innovative truly puts the person before the company. Mental Health is prioritized. Growth and development are not encouraged but required.”

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