Josh Goddard

Joshua Goddard

Associate Director of Accounting and Risk Management

The Cloud is “reinventing absolutely everything we do. Changing the way we receive and digest information and changing the way we communicate.”

Many people don’t like change. This is not Josh. He embraces it. He appreciates the “fast-paced, team-oriented, driven, intelligent individuals” at Innovative. There’s no room here for complacency or apathy.

There is one thing in Josh’s life that hasn’t changed, and that’s his love of golf. He wanted to be a professional golfer when he grew up, and it’s still his favorite pastime.

Born in Georgia, he has also lived in South Dakota and New York. He has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting. Off the clock, his Australian Shepherd, Ozzy, keeps him busy and his favorite travel destination is Hawaii – land of volcanoes, exotic flora and fauna, stunning beaches, and breath-taking mountains.

Practically speaking, “Customer success translates to Innovative success. Find a way to make it a win-win,” says Josh.

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