Charles Morone

Charles Morone

Director of Inside Sales
(585) 410-4135

Charlie’s love of all things “action” keeps him learning, leading, and living.

Charlie Morone, Director of Inside Sales, hails from our fair city of Rochester, NY. As a child, he wanted to be in the NBA. And while hoop dreams didn’t net results, he has no regrets about where he is and what he’s doing. His personal mantra is “get busy living!” and he has been doing just that.

Serving for four years in the USMC reserve unit and having kids (he has four!) are his most significant personal experiences so far. He says that both of these amazing experiences, with plenty of challenges, have positively impacted his life and personal growth in countless ways.

Charlie learned the value of perseverance and consistency early in life, playing and loving sports and outdoor activities, all of which he still does. Currently, he finds himself  working on leadership, understanding, and gratitude. With this attitude, it’s no wonder that his definition of customer service is “everything.”

“Everything. Providing value and delivering value at every corner is vital to everything we do and want to do.”

Of working with AWS, Charlie says it’s an honor and a privilege to work alongside such a great organization and partner. At Innovative, he appreciates the exciting and challenging opportunity to learn and grow with such a great team, whose focus is on solving complex challenges with a “people first” approach. With that attitude and his authenticity, it’s obvious that he is a valuable member of the Innovative leadership team.

Looking forward, he predicts “digital transformations that help people and companies continue to advance and improve in whatever objectives they are looking to accomplish.”

He is passionate about Cancer Awareness, loves to vacation at Florida beaches, and his favorite color is purple, the color of royalty and creativity.

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