Aaron Gettings

Aaron Gettings

Director of Engineering


Recognizing good communication is smart. Understanding the importance of it is wisdom.

Aaron recognizes the importance of effective communication. “It can prevent many problems from ever arising and can get things back on track when situations do go awry,” he says. Is this idea what inspired him to get his Bachelor’s degree in English, or is this conclusion the result of that experience?

Aaron, also known as AG, didn’t have to go far from home for that degree. He earned it in his hometown of Fredonia, NY, where he grew up the youngest of three boys. He’s lived in Fredonia, NY; Boston, MA; Walworth, NY; and Clarksville, TN.  He still loves to travel to Boston, MA, perhaps so he can secretly pretend he’s the GM of the Boston Celtics, which is what he wanted to be as a child. When he’s not spending time with his two children and mini Goldendoodle (named Fenway, of course!), he’s usually reading or watching football or basketball.

Aaron isn’t afraid to change course when he sees something is not going according to plan. His personal quote? “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” He isn’t just determined – he’s determined to get it right.

Before Innovative, he spent ten years at CloudCheckr, which he describes as the most significant period of his life. “Being part of a startup from day one, growing the company and seeing it through an acquisition by a Fortune 500 company was an amazing experience.”

He is passionate about childhood cancer and values helpfulness, patience and empathy in others. He puts his own empathy to work in his relationships with Innovative customers. “Customer Service is all about understanding the needs, wants and goals of a customer and doing whatever is necessary to allow them to be successful.“

This is a big part of the reason Aaron thrives at Innovative. “No two days at Innovative are the same. Every day presents new and unique challenges and opportunities to deliver amazing experiences to customers.” And why he appreciates their partnership with AWS. “AWS is a great partner. Their offerings are top-notch. They never stop innovating and rolling out new services and capabilities. But the best part of working with AWS is that they put the customer first.”

In the cloud, he sees sustainability and machine learning as driving the next big wave of cloud adoption.

He continues to work on being a good leader, and his favorite color is green, which, according to livescience.com, “abstractly, symbolizes wisdom.”

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